Luis Severino’s start vs. Jays shows promise

Luis Severino made what many believe to be his final start in camp before he packs his bags and plays in the World Baseball Classic as a member of Team Dominican Republic.

Severino promptly gave up a two-run home run to Jose Bautista in the first inning of a 3-2 Yankees exhibition loss over the Blue Jays.

Despite Severino being the one that threw the pitch that went over the wall, Austin Romine was the one that took the blame,especially after he called a fastball and it went over the plate.

“I called for a fastball to get (Bautista) off the plate. You have to pitch with a bulldog mentality. (Severino) didn’t shake me off, he followed me, and (Bautista) hit it out. Put that on me. I’ll take the blame for that,” Romine said after the game.

The good news was Severino’s fastball registered in the mid-nineties. Another thing Severino did was work on his changeup and slider. The slider was a pitch that didn’t abandon him–he notched three of his four strikeouts via the slider.

In Severino’s Spring debut, he pitched two scoreless, although it was against the Toronto Blue Jays B-Squad. The A-Squad, which is the team Severino would face during the regular season, roughed him up a bit.

Severino spent the offseason working with Pedro Martinez, and came to camp 10 pounds lighter. Romine believes that having that confidence is going to help Severino if he makes the starting rotation.

“I think there was a confidence blow there,” Romine said. “But once he went to the bullpen he got that back, and he has it now. You can see it in his eyes. He gave up the home run and he didn’t care. He’s learning how to let it go, get back on the mound and make pitches. Confidence is going to be a big thing with him, but the more reps he gets, the more confidence he’s going to get. I think he built on that confidence today.”

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One Response to Luis Severino’s start vs. Jays shows promise

  1. Terry says:

    Although the velo was there, I thought he struggled with his command on all three pitches. The exact opposite of his first outing. If he's on his game it doesn't matter who's in the box but it's early and the WBC could actually be a blessing for him. He needs to learn how to bring it every time out. Sometimes we forget how young he really is. I'm a huge Severino fan. So, I'll be rooting for him in the WBC until he plays the US.

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