Luis Severino’s shot to make the rotation could be dwindling

The Yankees have less than two weeks before they have to close up camp and begin the regular season. And for them to have a chance at the American League East, they’re going to need a dominant rotation.

But with the Spring Luis Severino is having, it almost seems likely his chances of being in the rotation are slim.

Severino relieved a dominant Adam Warren on Sunday afternoon, but once again struggled with his fastball command. He allowed eight baserunners and three runs in 3.1 innings, and if he keeps this up, he’ll be in the starting rotation for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

Joe Girardi was asked if the team was willing to send Severino and his growing pains to Triple-A. It was definitely up for discussion.

“That’s the million-dollar question and we’re going to have to talk about it,” Girardi said after the Yankees defeated the Houston Astros 6-4 on Sunday afternoon. “You talk about trying to finish off people’s development but you also talk about winning.’’

Severino indicated his issue is rushing his delivery. That’s something Severino needs to work on.

“You have to be able to slow things down and relax,’’ Girardi said of Severino who has a 5.08 ERA this Spring. “The pressure of pitching in New York, the pressure of pitching in Tampa, Toronto, Baltimore and Boston, there’s pressure pitching there, too, so you have to learn to control your mind and slow things down and make your pitch.’’

The Yankees want Severino as a starter versus a member of the bullpen. Girardi was later asked if there was a difference between being a starter and being a reliever.

“The difference in the bullpen is they don’t see you two and three times,’’ Girardi said. “So you can get away with it, but when you have to repeat it and repeat it it’s more difficult.’’

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  1. ERIC PELLIS says:

    He will have many chances to start this season but not now. Let him start season in triple A to work on all of his pitches. I would start the season with Mitchell and Montgomery. Or they could leave him in the rotation and trade Pineda.

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