Report: Yankees interested in shortstop Nick Ahmed

With Didi Gregorius on the shelf, the Yankees are covering all their bases regarding finding a new shortstop.

Apparently, the Arizona Diamondbacks might have the thing to help the team with their problem.

According to the Arizona Republic’s Nick Piecoro, the Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays have expressed interest in shortstop Nick Ahmed. It’s questionable why the Yankees would be interested in Ahmed, especially since they already have Tyler WadeRonald TorreyesStarlin CastroRuben Tejada and Donovan Solano as shortstop depth. Also the Yankees have an idea on when Gregorius will return to the starting lineup.

However, the Diamondbacks have been fielding interest in Ahmed all Spring, especially since they have other middle of the diamond options.

Ahmed had recently dealt with a season-ending hip injury from last August. However, he is controllable through the 2020 season, maybe even 2021 based on the service time he accumulates this season. It’s also worth mentioning Ahmed is a great defender at shortstop, with +34 Defensive Runs Saved.

The Yankees are expecting Gregorius to return at the end of April after he suffered a shoulder strain from playing second base in the World Baseball Classic.

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10 Responses to Report: Yankees interested in shortstop Nick Ahmed

  1. Thomas says:

    no no no

  2. Larry Mofield says:

    Maybe Refsnyder and Williams for him.
    I like both , don't think we need Hicks but he can switch hit and Williams does not.
    I like Refsnyder and given regulat at bats will be an excellent hitter same with Mason.
    No one will take Ellsbury who we should had not paid that much money for.
    Headley or Castro one needs to go to make room for Torres.
    Maybe we need a better pitching coach( Righetti and Eiland and maybe Mel Stottlemyer's son ) I am not a Rothschild fan

  3. tom says:

    Typical Yankees. LOL!

    As far as budget goes, Yankees would have to add 1.35m to the payroll if Tejeda made on the roster. Trading for Ahmed would cost Yankees measly 600-700k and nobody prospect.

    I still go for Mateo instead because he is already on 40m roster. Starting games in majors for one month should bolster his self awareness about talent vs experience.

  4. Jim says:

    I doubt anything will come of this, we have as good options in house already.

  5. ERIC PELLIS says:

    Pure stupidity! The Yankees can't possibly be that stupid to bring in a crappy shortstop who can't hit. Stay the course with what we have. JEEZ!!

  6. Jerry says:

    Talk about stupid, why not just bring back Drew. Or maybe we can coax Jeter to come back for a month. This may have been the best time to bring in Gleyber, playing great and maybe riding that high all the way into the major leagues. The kid could not have been more confident. He played in a league in the fall where most players were 3 or 4 years older, led the league in hitting and was named MVP. And this spring is hitting.450. This is a head stratcher.

  7. Hank Moody says:

    It's important to stay in the headlines and keep the buzz going. all that brings in $$. Yankees may have showed interest just so everyone keeps talking. Read that the Yankees have said that short will stay in house and Wade needs to compete for it. Then, the Yankees are interested in this outside player and that outside plYer. It's all PR. GO YANKEES!!

  8. Jim says:

    Could also be leaked from Arizona to try to increase interest in their player of nearly no value.

  9. Olie says:

    Because they don't have enough?

  10. Balt Yank says:

    Agree with the above. I like Wade for the month.

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