Rob Refsnyder no longer fits in the Yankees plans

The New York Yankees stunned no one on Sunday night when they announced they decided to place utility man Rob Refsnyder on the trading block.

Refsnyder wasn’t a terrible Yankee; in fact he hit .262 in the 74 games he played at the Major League level, and was a career .292 hitter in the minor leagues. But the truth of the matter is, Refsnyder never really had a place on the Yankees roster.

The Yankees tried slotting him at third base, even second, with hopes he would stick. Unfortunately, he didn’t, and other players like Ronald Torreyes ended up being the utility player the Yankees needed. They even tried Refsnyder in the outfield, but with Aaron Judge and Aaron Hicks competing for the right field job, Refsnyder seems locked out of there as well.

Over the last few seasons, it truly felt like the Yankees didn’t know what to do with Refsnyder. He didn’t have the greatest glove, and his bat was just okay. They kept Refsnyder stashed in the minor leagues during that span, but even then, time was running out.

Refsnyder only has one minor league option remaining, and if the Yankees send him down only to bring him back during the regular season, they’re going to lose him once they decide his services aren’t needed on the 25-man roster.

That’s why the Yankees feel their only option remaining is to place Refsnyder on the trading block. Sure, they won’t get a gigantic haul for him, but the trade will be fair to all sides involved. The Yankees never planned on using him anyway, and Refsnyder will finally get a chance to win a job elsewhere.

It was time for the Yankees to stop stringing Refsnyder along. Now, both parties finally have the chance to move on.

And of course, there’s no doubt Refsnyder will be a valuable asset on any Major League roster.

It just won’t be with the Yankees.

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5 Responses to Rob Refsnyder no longer fits in the Yankees plans

  1. ERIC PELLIS says:

    I have been saying for over a year that the Yanks never envisioned him in their long term plans. I hope these rumors are true and that he gets a chance to play in the Majors on a regular basis. He always seemed that given a chance to play regularly he might be a pretty good player. These guys go through so much in the Minors and you only get one chance at this. Unfortunately, the Yankees caused the problem of him having no trade value by not playing him and they should do him a favor and just release him now so he has a chance to get to a new team as soon as possible.

    • He never really had a lot of trade value. He was never a big prospect. He only seemed like a decent prospect because the Yankees farm system was so bare at the time and Stephen Drew was so bad in the majors. Even at his highest value, the Yankees probably couldn't get much more than a low-level pitching prospect.

  2. Howard says:

    Unfortunately, they won't get much for him.
    But whatever they do get, it opens up a roster spot for Gleyber Torres?

    • There was never any reason to think that Refsnyder might block Torres. If anybody might get more playing time with this news it could be Tyler Austin, maybe.

  3. Balt Yank says:

    I hate to say this, but why not keep him at Triple A, have him work at 1B and 2B, as insurance against a freak accident at 2B or RF? Torres does make Ref obsolete. I can't imagine his trade value is much. Personally, I like him better than Castro, except for Castro's 20 homers. Close call.

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