Video: Brett Gardner goes “Bird” watching 1

Being from South Carolina, it’s no secret Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner enjoys nature.

So it was only fitting his Yankees on Demand commercial this year had him observing nature.

Or in this case…”Bird” watching.

In the 45-second clip, Gardner follows new first baseman Greg Bird around the George M. Steinbrenner Field complex donning a wildlife outfit and binoculars. Gardner spies on Bird in his ‘habitat’, observes what he eats in the complex’s cafeteria (spoiler: Bird is a herbivore!), and hilariously throws sunflower seeds at Bird to get Bird’s attention. It works…but Gardner’s cover is easily blown.

Luckily, Gardner does a spot-on impression of teammate CC Sabathia. It doesn’t fool anyone, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Gardner’s had his fair share of commercials while with the Yankees, ranging from doing everyday tasks with his bat, a starring role in a Sandlot scene remake, and joining ex-Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira on Teixeira’s short lived talk show Foul Territory.

Easily, this tops Gardner’s past commercials. Especially since it gave me the impression I was watching a wildlife special on Animal Planet. Plus…Greg Bird‘s name basically writes the material for itself.

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