Video: Tanaka and Sanchez decide what to eat for lunch

Masahiro Tanaka and Gary Sanchez may speak different languages, but everyone speaks the universal language of ‘I’m hungry’.

In the latest Yankees commercial for Yankees on Demand, Tanaka and Sanchez wanted to get together for lunch. The problem? Tanaka speaks Japanese and Sanchez speaks Spanish. That’s quite the language barrier, isn’t it?

Well, no fear because Tanaka and Sanchez had their interpreters on hand. After a bit of back and forth, Tanaka and Sanchez decided what they wanted for lunch…and unexpectedly said their answer in English.

Then, after lunch Tanaka asked his interpreter to tell Sanchez what was for dessert…, which caused the interpreters’ to bow their heads in disbelief.

Everyone gets a kick out of Tanaka speaking English, even if it’s just one word. That’s probably what made the commercial so enjoyable.

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