Who is on the bubble to make the 25-man roster?

The Yankees currently have 35 spots remaining on their Spring Training roster after cutting Donovan SolanoRuben Tejada and Wilkin Castillo following Sunday’s contest. That means the team has to make 10 more cuts before they can begin the season against the Tampa Bay Rays on April 2nd.

So who are the players that are still on the bubble this last week of Spring Training?

Ernesto Frieri: Frieri only pitched three innings for the Yankees, and had an ERA of 6.00. He might need more time in the minors in order to build his command before he’s a legitimate possibility for the roster.

J.R. GrahamGraham is likely heading to Triple-A to begin the 2017 season after pitching to a 3.86 ERA over 9.1 innings in camp. He didn’t leave a lasting impression but he certainly wasn’t terrible.

Bryan MitchellThere’s a good chance Mitchell is one of the two pitchers that will get the fourth or fifth spot in the rotation. I’d actually be surprised if he’s not one of the two candidates.

Jordan MontgomeryMontgomery wasn’t in the fifth starter competition when camp began. But Montgomery pitched his way into consideration. He’ll get one last start before the Yankees have to decide, but Montgomery pitched well enough in his previous two outings to earn the job.

Luis SeverinoHe’s either going to start the season as a member of the Yankees rotation, or he’s heading to Triple-A. I’m predicting Triple-A considering he hasn’t pitched well enough for a MLB rotation spot.

Chasen ShreveShreve has been so-so this Spring, pitching to a 4.00 ERA with eight strikeouts in nine innings of work, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the pen.

Chad GreenGreen is currently in contention for one of the two remaining rotation spots. But Green may lose his chance as a starter now that Jordan Montgomery’s burst onto the scene.

Ben HellerHeller had an under-the-radar dominant Spring, pitching to a 0.82 ERA in 11 innings. I’d say Heller has a chance to grab a bullpen spot out of Spring Training.

Jonathan Holder: Holder is a name that’s also up in the air, even though he had a decent Spring. In 11 innings, he pitched to a 3.27 ERA while striking out eight batters.

Rob RefsnyderThe Yankees have been vocal about shopping Refsnyder, and even showcased him to the Rays on Sunday. It’s more likely Refsnyder isn’t on the 25-man roster…but he also might not even be in the organization.

Tyler WadeThe Yankees gave Wade a legitimate look at shortstop following Didi Gregorius‘ injury. However, it’s a possibility Wade starts the season at Triple-A.

Kyle Higashioka: The team already announced Austin Romine as the backup catcher, so Higashioka is going to start the season at Triple-A.

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23 Responses to Who is on the bubble to make the 25-man roster?

  1. uyf1950 says:

    I think the writer forgot at least one player on the "bubble". With Didi out at least a month the Yankees need both a starting SS and back up. Assume Torreyes is one or the other. Wade is on the bubble as mentioned in the piece. Refsnyder is most likely not the answer although I guess until he's officially out there is still a chance. That leaves Kozma as still on the bubble, IMO.

    • Yeah, Kozma is definitely a guy who could still make the roster. Kinda hard to believe, but he's more solid defensively than Wade at this point and I could see him splitting time at short with Torreyes until Didi comes back.

  2. Terry says:

    Yea, if you think about the 25 man roster, then that probably leaves one position player spot open. With a full time DH, they'll carry 13 position and 12 pitchers.Unless they move Carter then the only open spot is Didi's, they will keep RoTo. I'm thinking Wade there. Then the two starting pitching spots gets more cloudy after they all pitch and not because they're lights out. I had Mitchell in but that last outing was pretty poor. That leaves the door wide open for Jordan, hope he seizes it. That leaves what , two relief spots if the top three, Warren and the lefty are in. That should trim it down in candidates

  3. Celerino says:

    I would also put Chris Carter on the bubble. He was insurance for Bird, but Bird is looking very good and there aren't that many at bats left. They might prefer to use the spot for somebody more versatile.

    • Carter will make the team otherwise they have no backup for Holliday. Obviously they could use Sanchez there, but without a 3rd catcher on the roster, something Girardi hasn't considered publicly, they won't want to do that too often. Carter will make the team, he might not finish the year on the team, but barring an injury he'll be on the opening day roster.

      • Celerino says:

        The fourth outfielder can backup dh also. Big strikeout guys like Carter usually aren't effective off the bench. The third catcher is an interesting idea. Catch Sanchez 120 games and dh the rest of the time and get his bat in there more often.

        • tom says:

          there is not enough room on 25m to carry 3rd catcher.

          • Celerino says:

            They probably wouldn't carry a 3rd catcher, but if they did he would take Carter's spot.

          • tom says:

            If it was Higgy then it could be done since he could play 1B, DH, C instead of sitting in the dugout for no reason. If it was nobody then nobody in bullpen should be given his spot to him. With Austin struggling to remain healthy, I don't see how will Yankees scrap Carter off as I don't think Hicks can belt 20 dingers as PH.

            When Carter is up at plate, I will get busy kissing on sensitive area of my lady. It is pointless to lobby for dumping Carter.

  4. tom says:

    I think Yankees will go with Mitchell and Severino in the rotation and Kozma as SS. Can't add Wade to 40r unless Yankees are committing to him on 25m. Once Didi comes back, dfa Kozma for emergency call up such as fodder prospect.

    Remember Tyler Austin is a strong candidate for being put on 60 day DL.. That means Yankees can't have an opening spot any time in first 60 regular days. Hence, a fodder situation until Yankees absolutely are ready to welcome either Wade or Monty in May.

  5. Balt Yank says:

    I see Severino in the pen and can't quite get what the Yankees are missing. It is interesting to read Spring training reports about Mitchell's 4 controllable pitches and then think that Severino has 2. He's a pen guy. These days with the Chapman's of MLB getting 70-90 million, having Severino in the paste is not a "waste," it's a must.

    • Thomas says:

      You need good starting pitching to get to use the pen. The Yankees just don't have enough of those. They have to develop starting pitching, especially next year when they lose CC, Pinada, and maybe Tanaka. If Severino doesn't make the rotation, send him to AAA for more development.

    • tom says:

      PIneda has 2 and he is a starter.

  6. ERIC PELLIS says:

    Once again the Yankees make things way to difficult than they need to be. Jordan Montgomery needs to start for this team NOW! He has proven all he needs to in the minors and is probably better than any of these candidates. The biggest upside for the other rotation spot is Severino. The problem with him is he must hang out with Pineda too much. If you don't have what it takes between the ears than their are always going to be some inconsistency (see Pineda).

    • buckeye balls says:

      i agree about Severino and Monty- I think Warren can be a 5th starter and maybe Mitchell too. But we are rebuliding and trying to see if we can develop top of the rotation guys and I think the biggest potential for that is these 2. If Severino falters again I'd make him a reliever. But when I say falter I don't mean one bad start. It sounds like everyone is making these decisions based on the latest outing for each guy. If the Yanks follow that thinking, and they might, we will see guys in and out of these spots all year long. I hope whomever they chose gets 15-18 starts to develop and work things out. Remember if Tanaka opts out we have no starters for next year

      • Balt Yank says:

        I agree they should all get real chances. Severino did get that last year. He then flourished in the bullpen, not just did well. I second Montgomery; he's been talked about, he's done it at ST, let's go. I'd put Warren in the rotation for #5. In terms of developing players, Warren could be a solid 3-5. Someone else can be an ace. He's probably better than Pineda and CC right now. Give him half a season to show it.

  7. buckeye balls says:

    i don't think this organization knows how to handle pitchers. Why is Tanaka pitching today? he is much better with more than 4 days rest and he ptiches on sunday

  8. Balt Yank says:

    Buckeye Ball is correct. ST is over for Tanaka, well over, he's tuned up. Let him rest until it counts.

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