Yankees announce winners of the Spring competitions

With it being the final day of camp, the New York Yankees made their decisions regarding who will get a job on the 25-man roster. There were some surprises, and some spots that were rightfully earned. Without further ado, here were the winners in camp:


The Yankees won’t announce a fifth starter until April 16th, simply because they can get away without needing one with all the off-days in between. They did announce the fourth starter, and the honor will go to…Luis Severino. Jordan Montgomery and Chad Green will start the season in Triple-A and Double-A respectively as evaluations for the fifth starter spots continue.

Debate amongst yourselves because I’m sure we all have different opinions regarding this…

Right Field

After Joe Girardi cryptically hinted Aaron Judge could head down to the minors, it turns out Judge won the right field competition. Judge will start over Aaron Hicks, and deservedly so.

The Yankees got one right!


Ronald Torreyes will be the Yankees starting infielder with Didi Gregorius on the shelf, so who’s the backup? The Yankees announced Pete Kozma has made the team as a utility infielder, which means Rob Refsnyder will start the season in Triple-A.


Finally, the Yankees announced the eight relievers that will round out the 25-man roster. The players are Aroldis ChapmanDellin BetancesTyler ClippardAdam WarrenTommy LayneJonathan HolderBryan Mitchell and Chasen Shreve.

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12 Responses to Yankees announce winners of the Spring competitions

  1. Jerry says:

    I feel so much better, Judge, they got it right.

    • Jim says:

      Very happy with this decision, especially after it was reports otherwise yesterday.

      Surprised by Severino, but he does have the greatest upside of most of the group. He has the potential to be a legit 3 or better. We'll desperately need a high end starter next year.

      • Howard says:

        If he throws the off speed yes, if he stays fastball/slider he will inevitably find himself in the bullpen or back to AAA.

  2. Chasen Shreve sucks. Those are my thoughts. He's still pretty young, I suppose, but he's a lefty reliever who gets crushed by lefties. Not a big deal, though. We all know the Yankees will continue their trend of sending relievers up and down pretty regularly. The only mainstays in the bullpen this year will be Chapman, Betances, Clippard, Warren, Mitchell and maybe Layne. Everyone else is going to be riding that bus a lot.

    Great news to hear about Judge, who is ready for this. Glad that the Yankees haven't given up on Severino the starter. And I'm going to be eagerly awaiting the results of the Green/Montgomery competition. My guess is that both Green and Monty end up making at least 10 starts each in the majors this year. So both will get their opportunities.

    • tom says:

      No kidding! Severino better uses change.

      Shreve burned all options so that may be why he is on 25m.

  3. tom says:

    Girardi did not hint anything about Judge being demoted. He merely said Judge would start in AAA if he didn't beat Hicks.

    I don't like Shreve being on the 25m but he can pitch more than 2 innings if necessary. Whatever!

    I am not crazy about Holder as I thought Heller should be the one in. Still, Holder deserves it.

    • tom says:

      In other post about Judge, you got it. However we have to think about who would become 4th OFer if Hicks won the job after reassigned Wade, Frazier and Fowler to minor league. We recognized none so it was predictable.

  4. ERIC PELLIS says:

    As far as the everyday lineup goes, this season is about the develpment of three players that I think we can agree upon (Sanchez, Bird, and Judge).
    These are the guys that will help shape the future of our team. The rest of the lineup are just careholders until the farm system brings in our future.

    • Jim says:

      Season is also about developing some legit arms for the rotation. We lose 2 or 3 of the 3 vets at the end of this year. We have a decent number of projected 4 or 5 starters but not many that project to better currently.

      • Jerry says:

        If they think they are going to compete next year, hopefully we retain Tanaka.Kaprielian, Sheffield come up and are capable big league starters. Severino, Montgomery, Mitchell, and maybe someone else not in the mix right now, Adams, Enns and others. We need a lot of things to go right. Free agents​ and some shrewd trading could make us thisclose.

  5. Olie says:

    Love the Bullpen!

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I would say the bullpen top five looks very good: Aroldis Chapman, Dellin Betances, Tyler Clippard, Adam Warren, Bryan Mitchell. I am note sure about Tommy Layne or Jonathan Holder, the first being a question mark and the second a rookie who looks good. I'd like to see Montgomery leg it up, more exciting than Green. Feel bad for Warren, he deserved to start. Maybe SEV will work out, but who would argue that Warren starting and SUPER SEV in the bullpen is also not very good.

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