Yankees showcase Rob Refsnyder to the Rays

Just a few weeks ago, the Yankees placed Rob Refsnyder on the trade block when it appeared he had become an obsolete piece to the team.

On Sunday, the Yankees showcased Refsnyder to one of the teams that were interested in acquiring him; the Tampa Bay Rays.

Refsnyder went in the game during the fifth inning of the Yankees 7-4 win against the Rays and went 1-for-1 with a double while drawing a walk.

If infielder Pete Kozma makes the team to replace the ailing Didi Gregorius, Refsnyder would most likely be the player that is removed from the 40-man roster.

Along with the Yankees showcasing Refsnyder, the Yankees have also released Jon Niese from his minor-league contract. However, the Yankees have expressed interest in Niese staying with the organization.

Also, Ruben Tejada had a so-so day for the Yankees. The good? He hit a home run. The bad? He flubbed two defensive plays at shortstop.

It was not a good day for the ex-New York Mets as now Tejada’s chances of making the team are slim.

Quick Notes

— Jordan Montgomery will get one last start before the Yankees make their rotation decision. Masahiro Tanaka is slated to pitch on Tuesday, Montgomery on Wednesday and Luis Severino on Thursday.

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3 Responses to Yankees showcase Rob Refsnyder to the Rays

  1. DAO RED says:

    I do believe that the YANKEES put this kid on the shelf from the get go. What I have seen, was pretty good. The stick was good at the plate, his infield defense was fair, as an outfielder was not bad.

  2. ERIC PELLIS says:

    They have made it clear that they have not liked this guy from day 1. They have had plenty of opportunities to give him a chance the last two years but elected not to do so. I really hope were ever he winds up that he comes back to haunt them. His treatment once again shows you that if you are a young player in this organization and don't produce right away thay lose patience very quickly. This should send a strong message to all of our young players that when given your first chance you better produce.

  3. Balt Yank says:

    It is odd how little of a chance he got. Even when he got 3 games, he hit 280. I hope he gets a chance. When you watch Hicks and Castro make blunders and hear people talk about how their D is better than Ref, I roll my eyes. Ref is solid.

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