Yankees to get James Kaprielian into a Spring Training game

Earlier this Spring, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman hinted the only work James Kaprielian would get was simulated game action.

But after throwing three simulated innings on Friday, the Yankees are ready to move Kaprielian to the next step; a Spring Training game.

The Yankees initially wanted to be cautious with Kaprielian after returning from a flexor tendon strain last season. After getting Kaprielian into a simulated game, the team plans on starting Kaprielian in High-A Tampa. Kaprielian will be on an innings limit.

The Yankees believe Kaprielian will be a candidate to move through the Yankees system fairly quickly. If Kaprielian can stay healthy in the minors, it’s a huge possibility he’ll reach the majors later this season.

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5 Responses to Yankees to get James Kaprielian into a Spring Training game

  1. Jerry says:

    We all know he's chomping at the bit to get in one of these games and we all want to see it also. Put him in! It seems to me sometimes we over protect the pitchers. The Joba rules, that didn't work out. Look at all the Tommy John surgeries, more than ever, every team. It was rare just a few years ago. Now it's routine. Some protection. … Let's see what he has

    • Tommy John Surgery has not been rare for the 33 years I've been watching baseball.

      • Jerry says:

        You're actually making my point, but these are the numbers. 25% of all major league pitchers have had the surgery. In 2014 alone there were more TJ surgeries then in all of the nineties. And the trend is not slowing down, it's gotten much worse. …. You don't remember when it was the dreaded Tommy John surgery. The uncertainty of coming back from it. What I'm saying is, they try to protect their arms, but it's not working, It seems that it's the luck of the draw. Babying Kaprielian might not necessarily make sense. It may be that he needs more work to build up his arm, slowly yes, but throwing to major league players.

  2. Terry says:

    One thing for sure, you can't predict TJ injuries. So it really shouldn't be part of the thought process. If it happens, it happens. But I'm all for bringing him along slowly. Oh yes, I can't wait to see him pitch. But, at the end of the season, we're going to need pitchers that can get big time outs. He's going to be on innings limits. So is probably Green, Cessa, Mitchell, Warren, even Severino. All to various extents but they need to protect those arms. The ways to avoid too many innings; put to in the pen to begin the season and flip flop them with two later. Start a couple around May 1st. Add in that Tanaka still has the tear that could possibly go, CC is older and Mike may not pitch well or be traded at the deadline.The kids will have us in the playoff hunt. We need to be ready so we don't come up just short again

  3. tom says:

    Flexor Tendon and UCL are not the same. Flexor tendon is healing much faster than TJS. TJS is not the reason why Kap is brought in slowly. It is his lack of inning strength since he missed plenty last year. He has only pitched fewer than 60 innings since turning pro. It is not enough to carry himself into 120-130 IP in MLB level. For 130 IP a year, he could be done 50-60 in the minor and the rest of it in MLB. No reason to hurry him up in ST.

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