Yankees trade rumors involving Jose Quintana won’t go away

The Yankees have refused to part with the prospects that it would take to land White Sox Jose Quintana in a trade, but despite that the team continues to stay connected to the Yankees in trade rumors.

Jack Curry of the YES Network reports that while the Yankees and White Sox both have some interest in making a deal happen, nothing is currently in the works. The problem has been and continues to be the fact that the White Sox have set a high asking price for Quintana, and the Yankees have refused to meet that price.

That hasn’t stopped reports from popping up. Bruce Levine of CBS Chicago reported late last month that the Yankees were among the four teams “dug into” negotiations (the others are reportedly the Astros, Cardinals and Pirates). George King of the NY Post reported on Wednesday that the Sox have had scouts at the Yankees spring training complex to evaluate prospects which further suggests that talks are ongoing.

The Yankees are reportedly reluctant to part with Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Gleyber Torres, Justus Sheffield or Aaron Judge in a deal for Quintana.

Quintana certainly makes sense for the Yankees. They currently don’t have a single starting pitcher they can count on past this season, and Quintana, who just turned 28, is controlled through the 2020 season at a very-reasonable average annual value of $8.83 million per year.

Quintana has been one of the more consistent pitchers in baseball throughout his career. He has a 3.41 ERA over his career, a 3.29 ERA over the past three seasons and has thrown at least 200 innings in each of the last four seasons. All with an impressive 7.4 K/9 and 2.3 BB/9. Last year he was picked to the All-Star team and finished 10th in the Cy Young voting.

A move would make sense and despite the fact that the Yankees are in a rebuild it is smart to maximize the value of prospects through trades. If the Yankees refuse to part with the five players mentioned in the NY Post, they might still have enough prospects to swing a deal considering the extreme depth of their farm system.

At this point it seems unlikely that the Yankees would swing a deal in the final weeks of spring training, but it’s possible that the groundwork is being set for a trade down the line.

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17 Responses to Yankees trade rumors involving Jose Quintana won’t go away

  1. Terry says:

    Any time you can add a quality arm like Q's , it can be exciting. However, Chicago's price has to come down, and the Yankees will probably have to go up. Can or will they meet in the middle before someone else does, more than likely not. I personally would like to see him with the Yankees. Tanaka and Jose at the top? Oh yea.I guess it boils down to the price. Some help or a young arm taking charge would be nice. The offense looks to be better but still the same question marks at starting pitching

    • subg88 says:

      The Sox price isn't going down. If no one meets their price then they can just keep a top 20 starting pitcher who is paid less than some bottom rotation guys and who would probably go for close to three times the rate on the open market. It's not like they have to get his salary off the books, he's one of the best values in baseball.

  2. Billyballs says:

    Ok, so say Chicago wants Mateo, Rutherford, Adams, and Severino for Quintana which I would never do and it could really set back the rebuild what does Q add to the team other then maybe a third place finish this year behind Boston and Toronto. What sense dies it make to deal away big prospects for a pitcher who will not change the fact that the Yankees are not Cleveland and Boston let alone both Texas teams. Maybe we grab the second wild card but as soon as we are eliminated fans will be up in arms if the prospects we dealt are developing into big prospects. The Yanks will be ready to really take the divisiosube in 2019 after kids grow and big free agent class impacts the roster. Quintana will be a 30 yo lefty with a ton of innings and a pitcher who relies on his control rather then over powering stuff.
    You can't trade Rutherford, Torres, Frazier, Kaprielian, Fowler, Wade, Sheffield, Adams, Acevedo, and Andujar during a rebuild for a pitcher who dies not change the fact that the Yankees aren't ready yet.

    • Billyballs says:

      Meant to say that Q will be 30 yo in 2019 when the Yanks are projected to be a playoff contending team. No thanks again unless we don't have to deal one of those big prospects I named.

      • Thomas says:

        Some of these guys are blocked out by others. Rutherford will not MLB ready until 2020 but by then Frazier might be an everyday player with Judge in the outfield. What about Williams or Austin? Torres has now supplanted Mateo. All those who thought Refsnyder was a sure thing, are now seeing how sometimes things don't work out. I am worried about next year's rotation because CC, Pinada, and Tanaka may all be free agents, leaving the Yankees with only two who will be in the rotation this year and we don't even know who those are yet. At least with Quintana, you have a quality started back. Trying to find 4 or 5 starters for next year will be interesting!

    • Prospects fail at a high percentage. If you hug them all too tightly then you're going to have a lot of busts without capitalizing on them. I mean, look at Jesus Montero — the Yankees realized that he was ultimately flawed and traded him. Imagine if they had gotten nothing out of him (not that Pineda is great, but he's certainly better than a DH who can't hit and has tested positive for steroids).

      Plus the Yankees should be good by 2018/19 unless something has gone wrong. If that's going to happen then they're going to need depth in the rotation. Having a guy who will be 29-31 (still in his prime) will be necessary.

  3. moocow says:

    Does NOT make any sense to make a trade involving any of the top guys. Quintanna will be on the wrong side of 30 by the time the Yankees are on the right side of the championship picture.

    • subg88 says:

      Considering the Yanks won numerous championships with pitching staffs anchored by pitchers in mid to late thirties, I find this an odd statement from a Yankee fan

  4. tom says:

    Won't be easy to make a trade with W Sox since they can steal a lot of value in pitching but have been struggling to groom offensive prospects. Those very offensive players are helpful to Yankees this time.

    I won't lose any sleep over losing pitchers like Severino or Adams as Yankees will draft SP in 17 and 18 to restock up for 2020-2021 but Tanaka, Pineda and Sabathia may be set to become free agents after this year. Quintana alone won't do the trick.

    Sorry Whit Sox, Quintana won't be on our radar.

  5. ERIC PELLIS says:

    A deal could get done but as mentioned above trading your top prospects at this point doesn't make any sense. I would never ever trade Rutherford because I beleive he is going to be their top prospect very soon. Their is something special sbout this kid and we need to resist any offer for him.

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I could see packaging Mateo as the lead piece because we don't need him, but the Yankees shouldn't give up their top minor leaguers. Maybe Mateo, Frazier, and some Single A prospects.

    • buckeye balls says:

      agree with trading Mateo maybe andujar too, but need to be carefule here-as mentioned above we aren't ready yet AL east is strong this year

    • tom says:

      trading Frazier away? Oh well, that would be awkward. lol.

  7. Balt Yank says:

    I guess my constructed trade would really mean the lead piece from Miler and Mateo for BIG Q, which is fair, but MILLER is the best MLB closer, so, it is also steep. Frazier may be a good player soon but I wonder. Also, a decent outfielder is not the rarest commodity in baseball. We can't aim for contending in 2020 and forget now. Tough choice. I rather keep Mateo but lead with Frazier actually. But I don't think 1 good prospect will make this trade.

  8. Bill says:

    Mateo, Fowler, Refsnyder, Green, Mitchell and Enns for Quintana. If Sox say no, then just move on!!!

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