Aaron Judge had a birthday bash against the Red Sox

Wednesday night was Aaron Judge‘s 25th birthday, and he had quite the bash at Fenway Park as Yankees and Red Sox fans observed with amazement and disbelief.

Not only did Judge hit a home run that put the Yankees out in front 2-0, but he also made a Derek Jeter-esque catch in right field, flipping over the wall and landing into the stands. The umpires initially said it wasn’t caught because Judge immediately removed the ball from his glove on the transfer, but after instant replay it was ruled a catch and Judge made jaws drop.

Including his teammates.

“That’s a big boy to be piled up on the nachos and the peanuts in the front row between the wall and the seats,” Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner said after the Yankees defeated the Red Sox 3-1 at Fenway Park on Wednesday night. “He disappeared for a second, and I was concerned about him, but I was glad to see him get up.”

Joe Girardi admitted during his post game press conference that he wasn’t sure if he should go to replay after Judge went into the stands. However, Judge was sure he had caught the ball, and Girardi ultimately consulted with Gardner who saw the entire play. With Gardner’s seal of approval, Girardi challenged it, and the call was immediately overturned.

“My adrenaline was pumping, so I didn’t feel too much when I went in there,” Judge said. “I was just trying to make a play.”

Ultimately, Judge came out of it unscathed, which was a blessing for the Yankees. All in all, it seemed Judge had a successful 25th birthday. Could this be the best birthday he ever had?

Maybe 26. Maybe 26 might be better,” Judge laughed. “I don’t know.”

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2 Responses to Aaron Judge had a birthday bash against the Red Sox

  1. Terry says:

    That catch was RIDICULOUS!!!! Amazing, a man that big and that athletic! Ridiculous

  2. Don says:

    That catch was crazy. It is always nice to see them beat up on the Red Sox. I can't wait till I go their next game, hopefully in the post-season http://www.clickitticket.com/mlb-tickets/red-sox-… woohoo!

    The Yankees are not far behiond the Red Sox right now, like 4 games back so who knows?

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