Brett Gardner could start vs. Cardinals

After a violent collision knocked him out of the game–and onto the ground–during Wednesday’s cntest, Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner made quite the miraculous recovery.

According to Joe Girardi, Gardner is doing better than expected. In fact, Gardner is feeling so much better that he was available as a regular player during Thursday’s game. Girardi had the option of starting Gardner prior to Thursday’s win against the Tampa Bay Rays, but chose not to just so he could give Gardner one more day of rest. Gardner took full batting practice prior to Thursday’s series finale.

Both sides hinted that Gardner would be in the starting lineup tonight againstĀ Michael Wacha and the St. Louis Cardinals at the stadium.

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4 Responses to Brett Gardner could start vs. Cardinals

  1. Jerry says:

    Here's the deal, I'm not a particular fan of Hicks, but he's coming off the best game of his life. He single handedly, at least offensively won the game yesterday, knocked in all three runs and Girardi doesn't start him tonight. What's wrong with this picture? Ride the hot friggin hand. It pisses me off to see that. You have enough guys on the team that are not hitting and Hicks is mashing. ….. Did I miss something? Is he injured? Is he like LeBron James and needs a day? Seriously, I don't get it.

  2. Jerry says:

    Do you think Hicks would have played if he had 5 home runs the previous game?

  3. Terry says:

    I'm with ya Jerry. If what he does last night doesn't earn him another start, what does. Homers from each side? Impressive and a cannon for an arm. Speaking of last night, how about Severino!! When I see that body language, I know he's on. High 90's FB, tight spin slider with tilt and the change, I loved it!! Can't wait for his next start

    • Jerry says:

      It drives me insane. And yes Severino was great. We need these young pitchers to be consistent, Severino, according to Romine was sharp from beginning to the end. Montgomery looked terrific too. Tanaka pitched good tonight. Sabathia and Pineda pitching great. What's going on? 6 and 4. Our offense hasn't clicked yet, what with injuries and slumps, but things are looking good.

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