Brett Gardner day-to-day after collision with Rickie Weeks

If you were at the game on Wednesday afternoon, the scariest moment would have been Brett Gardner colliding with Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Rickie Weeks.

Gardner was on the ground for no more than five minutes, but when Gardner initially didn’t get up, fans expected the worst. Was Gardner going to need assistance getting off the field in the form of a crash cart? Luckily, Gardner was able to stand on his own and walk back to the dugout, almost as if the collision never happened.

The Yankees were expecting the worst as well, but they were pleasantly surprised that Gardner only suffered a bruised jaw and strained neck. Gardner somehow walked away from the collision without a concussion, which was a miracle in itself.

Chase Headley, who is a close friend to the Yankees left fielder, spoke with Gardner after the game. Headley reported Gardner seemed fine, other than the bruise on his chin from the collision.

“Talking to him, he seems pretty good considering,” Headley said. “He seems like he’s all there.”

Gardner passed the concussion tests and they’re hopeful he can stay off the DL. However, Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi plan to further assess Gardner tomorrow, after his body has had time to process the initial damage.

“Two Mack Trucks collided,” Cashman said. “He’s gonna be sore even more so [on Thursday]. He got banged up pretty good.”

Gardner isn’t slated to play in Thursday’s series finale against the Tampa Bay Rays. They hope to have him back sometime during the weekend series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

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  1. Terry says:

    Great you go to a Yankees game and your favorite player gets hurt!! LOL!! Incredible that he isn't going to be out longer and no concussion protocol. That was a collision definitely worthy of the NFL

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