Derek Jeter is trying to buy the Miami Marlins

Everyone has probably dreamed of Derek Jeter owning a baseball team, notably the New York Yankees. But with the Steinbrenners currently owning the Yankees, and with no intention to sell, Jeter owning the Yankees isn’t going to happen.

While Jeter can’t own the Yankees, he set his sights elsewhere…notably on a team in Miami, Florida.

The FOX Business Network first reported Jeter was interested in bidding for the Miami Marlins. Former Florida governor and Republican candidate for the President of the United States last year Jeb Bush is also interested in buying the team.

So what does Jeter’s ex-manager Joe Girardi think about the possibility of Jeter owning the Marlins?

“Derek Jeter’s name probably comes up a lot,” Girardi said prior to the Yankees dropping the series finale against the Tampa Bay Rays. “You don’t always know the validity of it, but I know he loves the game and I think he’d be a great owner. And if it is the case, I wish him the best of luck.”

Despite the secrecy, Jeter has expressed interest in owning a team in the past. The Marlins aren’t in direct competition with the Yankees most of the season, not to mention Jeter lives in Tampa. Also after Jeter retired in 2014, he was spotted talking to current Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria.

Since Jeter’s retirement, he had generally laid low, with the most buzzworthy news being Jeter and model Hannah Davis expecting their first child together later this Spring; the couple announced they were having a girl.

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7 Responses to Derek Jeter is trying to buy the Miami Marlins

  1. tom says:

    Jeter to own a franchise team? Where is the money? I can see Jeb Bush owning 60-65 percent of Marlins while 25 percent belonging to Jeter. That would be good start for Jeter to build his business portfolio.

  2. ERIC PELLIS says:

    If he does buy the team I hope he takes Michael (Pinhead) Pineda with him.

  3. Jim says:

    Take a hole garner too

  4. Celerino says:

    Jeter as the owner and Donnie as the manager? I might have to start rooting for them.

  5. I'd rather see Jeter buy the Yankees rather than the Marlins. I know Hal has denied wanting to sell the team, but wouldn't selling it to Jeter be like selling it to family?

  6. tom says:

    OTT, James Kaparielian is on DL with elbow issue. Good Story! ugh?

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