Derek Jeter’s former teammates believe he’ll be a successful owner

Usually Major League Baseball players don’t tend to make the successful transition from player to owner.

However, the Yankees believe Derek Jeter could be a successful owner, especially after he and Jeb Bush teamed up to purchase the Marlins for $1.3 Billion on Tuesday afternoon.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi believes Jeter can be a successful owner, but he also acknowledged there would be a transition that could be difficult in between.

“When you’re playing, in a sense, you’re only in charge of yourself, what you can do,” Girardi said. “You’re not responsible for others, and when you get on the management side, you become responsible for others — to answer questions for what everyone else does — so I think it changes drastically.

“It’ll be interesting to see how he handles it, because as I said you don’t necessarily have a part in it — you don’t have an at-bat, you can’t make a play. I’m sure he’ll find it much different when he does it on a full-time basis.”

Yankees starter CC Sabathia‘s interest immediately piqued by how Jeter would do in a different role.

“Great players don’t always translate to great executives as we’ve seen, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens to him,” Sabathia said. “He’s wanted to do this, he’s very capable of doing this, so I think it’s good for him, and I think he’ll be good at it.”

Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner was jokingly sad that Jeter didn’t ask him to invest in the Miami Marlins. But from a serious standpoint, he was impressed with the aspirations the former Yankees captain had after his playing career.

“It doesn’t surprise me that he has the aspirations to be involved in something like that,” Gardner said. “He’s a guy that, no matter what he’s involved in, he’s going to be successful doing it.”


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