It’s not time to worry about Greg Bird’s slump

Yes, there is a cause of concern for Yankees first baseman Greg Bird, who is 1-for-29 to start the season after hitting .451 during Spring Training.

But while it’s concerning, it’s not time for anyone to panic…yet.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi thought Bird was frustrated with his poor start, but Bird appeared optimistic after he went 0-for-3 with a walk on Saturday afternoon.

“It’s baseball,” Bird said following the Yankees 3-2 win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday afternoon. “The guys have been supportive. I can hit. I know I can hit. So I just got to keep going, keep working and work through it.”

We know Bird can hit; we’ve seen it in Spring Training and when he briefly came up to help an ailing Mark Teixeira back in 2015. Not to mention Bird’s sample size is extremely small. If it was June and Bird only had a hit then we could worry, but it’s April. Some guys start the season slow and some hit off the bat.

Chase Headley is off to one of the best starts in his career, and says he doesn’t worry about Bird’s ability to hit.

“You never want to see a guy get off to a tough start, especially with the spring training that he had,” Headley said. “He got a little banged up, and the timing gets off. But I don’t worry about him. He’s going to hit. We just got to keep running him out there and keep getting him at-bats. He’s going to figure it out.”

As for giving Bird a day off to mentally clear his head, Girardi says he’s going to keep putting Bird in the lineup in an attempt that he gets out of his early slump.

“He has to try to fight his way through this,” Girardi said. “That’s what we’re doing.

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6 Responses to It’s not time to worry about Greg Bird’s slump

  1. Terry says:

    If all the things to possibly worry about with the Yankees this year, Bird's slow start for me is the least. He'll hit, when you injure your lower half, it really throws you off. He'll be fine

  2. Balt Yank says:

    I noticed Bird walked today and yesterday. That's a good lead up to exiting a slump. Of course, the Yankees should give him a long leash.

  3. Greg Bird really needed a big game like Sunday night. Bigger since it was on ESPN. He's probably feeling great about himself right now. Reminded me of the home run Tino Martinez hit against the Orioles early on in 1996 (when he was replacing Don Mattingly). Tino struggled for a while and it took one big hit to change everything.

  4. Jim says:

    Very timely article, Bird had a great night last night and is hopefully off to the races now.

  5. buckeye balls says:

    not worried about the offense-he will be streaky but the power is there for that ball park and many others. but he's no Tex at first base-a little concerned about whether he can be at least average defensively

  6. tom says:

    I actually expect him to start heating up in May or June but I am cool with this Month. Let's find out whether or not he is a half season player.

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