James Kaprielian mulling over surgery after latest doctor visit

James Kaprielian has been bounced around the country hoping to get a few opinions on his ailing elbow.

Unfortunately for the Yankees, Kaprielian seems to be heading towards the operating table. But it will be up to the lefty to decide whether surgery is the route he’d like to go.

“Clearly, you don’t bounce around the country if the surgical option isn’t on the table,” Cashman said before the Yankees defeated the Rays 8-4 at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday. “It’s either the surgical option or continue to pitch through it. He’s basically gonna take a day or two to talk to his family and his agency and get back to us about what he’d like to see happen.”

Cashman wouldn’t clarify whether Kaprielian was having UCL or Tommy John Surgery.

Kaprelian sat out the entire 2015 season with a flexor tendon strain. He pitched in the Arizona Fall League over the offseason and pitched in one Spring game before being sent to minor league camp. However, Kaprielian complained of pain in his elbow last week and promptly underwent an MRI and dye contrast.

“The rehab process has not been successful … so he’s facing some decisions,” Cashman said.

“You see the ability that he possesses, but you have to be healthy to be able to harness it. You know it’s there. At some point, we’re looking forward to having it for an extended period of time.”

If Kaprielian stayed healthy, he could have helped the Yankees during the 2017 season. Now Kaprielian’s season–and potentialMajor League career–are in jeopardy.

“Unfortunately right now, the front of his pro career has had some injuries with that elbow,” Cashman said. “He has an opportunity to have a very long career, regardless, so that’s why every step is important. … We have to take the right steps so we can ensure that the career path he’s on is performance-related only and not gonna be dictated by missteps on the injury side.”

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3 Responses to James Kaprielian mulling over surgery after latest doctor visit

  1. Terry says:

    Quite a few sites reporting that he's having the TJ. Out for a while, bummer but probably for the best in the long run. Good luck JK!! Hope to see you next year some time

  2. Dan M says:

    And the verdict is in, hello surgery and hello 12-18 months recovery. Definitely not what I wanted to read this afternoon. The Tommy John epidemic continues, is it ever going to end? Reading about so many pitchers needing surgery is honestly really depressing from a baseball fan perspective. Good Luck Mr. Kaprielian, your gonna need it.

  3. tom says:

    UCL or Tommy John surgery? What the hell is that?

    I am done with Yankees' young pitching program. No more hyper up few pitching kids until they actually have Yankee career.

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