James Kaprielian to undergo Tommy John Surgery

After weighing his options, Yankees prospect James Kaprielian has made an extremely tough decision.

Kaprielian will undergo Tommy John Surgery to repair the flexor tendon strain in his elbow.

Kaprielian battled with the injury during the entire 2016 season, but opted to rehab the elbow. Kaprielian then participated in the Arizona Fall League and was invited to Major League camp in 2017. Because of the elbow, the Yankees brought Kaprielian along slowly, but he ended up making a one-and-done start for the team.

A day before the minor league season went underway, Kaprielian complained of elbow pain, which resulted in the No. 16 overall pick going for an MRI and dye contrast.

Kaprielian will have the surgery on April 18 and the procedure will be done by Dr. Neal ElAttrache. ElAttrache is the team doctor for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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2 Responses to James Kaprielian to undergo Tommy John Surgery

  1. Dan M says:

    Can somebody please explain to me why it is that pitchers are getting TJS when the tendon or ligament (in Kaprielian's case the flexor tendon) is only sprained? You would think eventually the ligament/tendon would just heal with enough rest like a when some sprains a wrist or an ankle. When they say the tendon is "sprained" to me that means the tendon has some damage to it but structurally it's in tact. I get that the surgery will solve the elbow problem but it's at a tremendous cost in terms of recovery time and theirs no guarantee he won't get hurt again. I know Kaprielian went through a rehab program to try and fix his elbow and that everything seemed to be good through the fall league and spring training, but I can't help but think maybe the tendon could heal if they immobilized his arm and just have him do NOTHING for a month or two? I guess overall the situation is what it is, hopefully everything works out. I said this in another post but I'll say it again, good luck Mr. Kaprielian your gonna need it

    • tom says:

      If you had flexor tendon issue then your UCL would be tick-tocking. That is why he had dye test in his elbow to get idea whether or not UCL was indeed torn after the injury recurred. Small or big, you can opt for TJS to improve elbow strength.

      I think any pitcher with flexor tendon issue should take plasma treatment instead of dry rest. It somewhat works well for Tanaka whose had small tear in his UCL.

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