Yankees announce Opening Day lineup vs. Rays

Opening Day is right around the corner, which means the Yankees will have to send their best lineup against Chris Archer and the Tampa Bay Rays.

While Girardi hinted what the Opening Day lineup could look like when he dropped Jacoby Ellsbury fifth, he made some minor tweaks to the official starting lineup.

So without further ado, here is what your Opening Day lineup will look like barring an injury or trade!

Brett Gardner LF
Gary Sanchez C
Greg Bird 1B
Matt Holliday DH
Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Starlin Castro 2B
Chase Headley 3B
Aaron Judge RF
Ronald Torreyes SS

Masahiro Tanaka LHP

The most glaring change was swapping out Aaron Hicks for Judge, which immediately boosts the lineup with more power. Overall, it’s balanced, although Didi Gregorius‘ presence is sorely missed.

First pitch for tomorrow’s game is at 1:05 p.m. and will broadcast on the YES Network.

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9 Responses to Yankees announce Opening Day lineup vs. Rays

  1. Jerry says:

    Should not have been glaring, Judge had the superior spring and should have been the odds on favorite to win the position to begin with. I'm just glad Girardi got it right. I would also have put Judge in the 5 hole, as I've read other posters write, put him in a spot where he's surrounded by better hitters , get better pitches to hit, and more production , build his confidence up. Let's find out what he has as soon as possible. 2017 is a year of learning and what he might have could be prodigious. …. I know our pitching is most questionable, but I'm as pumped up as I can remember. Let the games begin!!….. PLAY BALL!!

    • David Long says:


    • Writing After Dark says:

      Everything you think I agree is correct, I think that Tyler Wade or Gleybar Torres should start at SS instead of Ronald Torreyes. Our pitching is okay and they should've signed a pitcher for a short term deal. Jacoby Ellsbury needs to step up his game and same with Chase Headley. Everything else is good

  2. Once Gregorius is back and Judge has had time to adjust to the big leagues, this should be a pretty good lineup with Castro and Headley batting 8th and 9th (in some order). The middle of the order is much improved from last year.

    • Terry says:

      Agreed Rob. When Didi gets back, I got Castro, then Headley in the 8 & 9 holes. I still think Jordan is the #5, Yankees are just waiting until they to. I know the rotation has question marks but at least this year we'll be able to out score other teams occasionally. A good start will be key and then who knows? As the kid's settle in, they might lead the way. I think Toronto is a little over rated. I can't wait to get going!! Bring on Tampa!!

  3. brooklyn joe says:

    It all boils down to pitching and that rotation has me worried, after Tanaka there are huge questions marks. I'm still not convinced CC will be effective at a lower velocity, Pineda sends chills down my spine, Severino gives me agita, no one knows what to expect, and the fifth starter is in the minor leagues somewhere! but it's a New season and I'm looking at the glass half filled, this staff will be good and we will have baseball in October.

  4. MickeyP says:

    Lineup good, order wrong. Gardner is proven mediocre player who is the fastest man that can't steal a base. Ellsbury should be leadoff, Judge 5th with Gardner 7th and headlines who can't hit, as close to last as possible.b

    • Delia Enriquez says:

      Gardner has a higher OBP and sees the most pitches out of anyone on the roster, which is important for everyone else. That’s why he’s the lead-off guy.

  5. Hopefully this season management will show some interest in winning and make the necessary moves to reach October and advance to the post season Since we have a good base of veterans and an excellent litter of rookies that could explode this year.

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