Yankees continue to exceed expectations

If you turned off your television after the top of the sixth inning, you missed quite the comeback by the New York Yankees. The Yankees scored 13 runs from the sixth inning on and blasted five home runs; two by Aaron Judge, a grand slam by Jacoby Ellsbury, a two-run home run by Starlin Castro and a three-run home run by Matt Holliday.

However the story here isn’t the Yankees bashing the Orioles into oblivion on a night the Orioles were sure to increase their first place lead in the standings. The story was the Yankees exceeding expectations and finally getting a share of first place. When was the last time the Yankees had a stake of first? You would have to go back to August 24, 2015.

Today, they have a chance to take sole possession.

An amazing feeling,” Joe Girardi said after the Yankees won a 14-11 thriller in 10 innings on Friday night. “We’re down 9-1, then 11-4, but this group is resilient and we never quit. We have the ability to hit the ball out of the ballpark and that’s what we did.”

With Friday night’s win, the Yankees have won 13 of their last 16 games, which includes an impressive performance by Masahiro Tanaka and Luis Severino against the dominant but David Ortiz-less Boston Red Sox.

The Yankees initially started the season losing four of their first five games. However, they turned things around when a four-run ninth against the Orioles on April 9th catapulted them to a 14-7 April with just two games to go before the calendar turns May.

Last season, the Chicago Cubs were Major League Baseball’s Cinderella team. This year, it appears the fairy tale magic has traveled to the Bronx to help give the current roster a little push.

“It seems like they have a good vibe around them, and maybe the (outside) expectations weren’t as high as they had,” Former Yankees manager–and current Orioles manager–Buck Showalter said before the game. “Guys that are in the locker room, coaches, managers, players have high expectations. They don’t ever talk about what the perceptions are.

“I know one thing, the starting pitching is pretty impressive.”

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3 Responses to Yankees continue to exceed expectations

  1. Terry says:

    What a game!!! How do you top the last two games against Boston? I don't know, how 'bout coming back from 9-1 and beating the first place team going into the game. Unbelievable!! Huge homer after huge homer. Capped off with Holliday's walk off. Cool side note on sports and fans, I noticed after the homer, on a side view replay, my arms went up in the air at home the exact same time as thousands of fans at the game. Gotta love these Yankees!! What a come back, only negative was the outing by CC. Two subpar starts in a row, we'll have to keep watch on him. Next up,Big Mike. Let's go Yankees!!!

  2. Dan M says:

    Can't remember last time saw a Yankee team that was this good and this exciting. Everything is amazing right now and hope to see the good times continue to roll. In addition, it's cool to be able to tell that these guys on this team completely believe in themselves right, theirs never a guy just sitting on the bench, their all at the railing watching as close as they can.

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