Yankees inadvertently cause controversy with calendar

On Saturday afternoon, the New York Yankees released their annual stadium calendar, handing it out to fans in attendance for the Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals matchup.

At first glance, the Yankees newest release excited fans. However, fans immediately took notice when the team made Aroldis Chapman the poster child for October.

Why did Chapman being the poster child for October bother so many fans?

Because October is known as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Chapman was the first person suspended by new commissioner Rob Manfred under the new Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse policy.

The calendar snafu was brought to the attention of Newsday writer Laura Abanese, and since then Yankees fans chimed in:

Chapman was suspended for 30-games prior to the 2016 season although prosecutors declined to press charges.

Of course, Chapman also could have been selected for October since the Major League Baseball playoffs occur in that month. Not to mention Chapman recently won a World Series ring while playing with the Chicago Cubs. But for the Yankees to not double check what month Domestic Violence Awareness was before making the calendar just seems a little tone-deaf.

Then again, nothing can be worse than last year’s New York Yankees calendar sold in stores, which featured four players who were no longer with the team at the time of the calendar’s release.

Is it really that hard for the Yankees to make a good calendar with updated players?

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13 Responses to Yankees inadvertently cause controversy with calendar

  1. kevinschappert says:

    Just lame, just lame.

  2. Jerry says:

    Which month would everyone approve of ? I'm sure there is not an appropriate month.

    • tom says:

      January- I can't think of anything.
      February- Valentine's Day. Scratch that.
      March/April – Easter's Day. Scratch that.
      May – Mother's Day. Scratch that.
      June – Father's Day. Scratch that.
      July – umm None.
      August – Zero.
      September – Zero.
      October – Domestic Awareness Month. Scratch that.
      November – Thanksgiving's Day. Scratch that.
      December – Christmas' Day. Scratch that.

      January, July, August or September could be appropriate month for Chapman as far as my thinking takes me. umm.

  3. aloha from hawaii says:

    much ado about nothing

  4. People make light of this, I'm looking at aloha from hawaii, and wonder why it matters, but it's important. Domestic violence is extremely serious. I didn't like that the Yankees signed this guy, but considering that they did, they should at least use some tact in marketing him (if they have to market him at all).

  5. Jim says:

    Bullcrap. October is not associated with Domestic Abuse for most people. When people think Yankees & October, they are thinking World Series. Today's world has so many pitfalls what doesn't cause some group to take offense?

    • tom says:

      The civilians of USA do not think Yankees and World Series altogether.

    • Mike says:

      Oh, YOU didn't know it was Domestic Violence Awareness Month? I don't think anyone was aware YOU didn't know. That changes everything. If YOU didn't know, then obviously it doesn't matter. Or -and maybe I'm wrong here- maybe, just maybe, your ignorance doesn't impact the importance of a thing? Because I'm pretty certain it matters A WHOLE LOT to the people it matters to.

  6. Dan M says:

    I get that domestic violence is a very serious topic to discuss and the optics of this calendar are bad but I'm going to be honest until I read this article I had no idea October was Domestic Violence Awareness month so if I just saw this calendar before reading this article I wouldn't have given anything about it a second glance. In addition, with all do respect Aroldis Chapman in the eyes of MLB paid the price for his actions when he served his suspension and as far as I know their are not any pending charges against Chapman stemming from this incident (I could be wrong about that so if I am feel free to correct me). My point is when is it that all of this is left in the past, not forgotten by any means but left in the past? If he's paid his debt why are we still talking about this incident as if Chapman's head is still on the guillotine? In addition for the people that are still anti-Chapman because of this incident, what would Chapman have to do to be forgiven? Is their anything at all? I don't want any of me saying this to be misunderstood again, I am sympathetic towards victims of domestic violence and obviously I find perpetrators of domestic violence to be appalling, but when will enough be enough if the man has all ready paid his debt?

    • Mike says:

      Imagine someone beat up a woman you care about, and his sole punishment was a sixty day suspension from work. Does that really sound like a debt paid?

  7. If it said in the calendar it was Domestic Violence Awareness Month and it featured Chapman, I could understand the criticism. I've seen both ends of the domestic violence issue….an aunt beat by her husband and an uncle repeatedly falsely accused by his daughter. I too like Dan have to ask when will enough be enough.

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