Yankees off to another slow start

After the Yankees went 24-9 during the Grapefruit League, the last thing they thought was they would be 1-4 to begin the 2017 season.

But, here we are.

In just five games, we’ve seen two poor starts from Masahiro Tanaka, one poor start from Michael Pineda, a good start from CC Sabathia, and the bullpen blowing back-to-back games against the Baltimore Orioles.

We also saw the Baby Bombers (Aaron JudgeGreg Bird and Gary Sanchez) struggle, and Sanchez being shelved with a bicep strain.

It’s safe to say things aren’t going the Yankees way. And as they prepare for the series finale against the Baltimore Orioles, it’s clear the team as a whole is going through some growing pains. While the team is off to a slow start, some of the veterans have heeded Girardi’s message in being more aggressive.

Chase HeadleyMatt HollidayJacoby EllsburyStarlin Castro and Brett Gardner are Yankees veterans putting up solid numbers in the last five games. But the other components on the team just haven’t been able to get the job done. If the Yankees get a lead, the pitching can’t hold it. If the pitchers pitch a good game, the offense can’t get going.

The Yankees have to find the perfect combination, and it has to be fast. The team got off to a slow start last season–the team was 9-17 to begin the season, but I don’t have to remind you if you were paying close attention to the Yankees last year. That was the main reason the Yankees failed to make it into the postseason, even after their impressive stretch following the trade deadline.

Sure, it’s only five games into the new season and the fans shouldn’t worry too much. But honestly, there should be some legitimate concern. The team is going to be without Sanchez for more than two weeks due to a bicep strain, and with the Baby Bombers struggling out of the gate, someone in the lineup has to step up.

I’m not saying the weight of the world should fall on one person’s shoulders, but someone has to get the Yankees going. Once one player gets going, the rest of the team should follow through.

Whatever is wrong with the rotation, the Yankees have to address it. Whatever is wrong with the bullpen, the Yankees have to fix it. And whatever is wrong with the offense, the Yankees have to adjust.

It’s hard to see the Yankees struggle early in the season. Especially since they had gotten off to such a dominant start in Spring Training. But there is still time for the Yankees to turn things around.

They have the talent to succeed. They just have to click and work together to take down the rest of their American League East opponents.

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11 Responses to Yankees off to another slow start

  1. Terry says:

    For me the home stand is key. You have to win at home. Of all the problems you listed, the starting pitching is the one I see as the biggest. It all starts there. It's the lead, especially early in the game. Then a couple of early runs always helps. But yeah, this home stand is huge for me

    • Howard says:

      My biggest issue is we built up our farm system and the future looks bright, but how did we go in to the season with just Tanaka, CC, and Pineda?
      Pineda cannot be relied upon and his head is rarely in the game.
      CC is getting old and doesn't pitch beyond 5 innings!
      Tanaka needs to find where his head is at fast or this could be our worst season in over twenty years.
      Luis Severino! I know the wind was blowing on his start day, but my goodness he is not a major league ready pitcher!!!
      He has absolutely no control of his pitches, and he cannot be counted upon to go 4 or 5 innings.
      Girardi leaving him in there vs. Machado with two on and the bullpen warming was a bad move.
      Now we cannot count on the kids we were counting on, this is going to be a long torturous season, if they can't figure things out soon.
      And ultimately Girardi might not be re signed, and Rothchild as well.

  2. buckeye balls says:

    I hope everyone remembers this next spring training-MEANINGLESS!- the Vegas over under of 82 didn't change after spring training

    • People won't remember this, unfortunately. I think it might be because they're too desperate for baseball after a long cold winter, but every year there is a faction of the fanbase that wants spring numbers to dictate too much and it seems like it's never going to take hold that it's best to ignore all of that. See Marahiro Tanaka and Jon Weber.

      • Jerry says:

        I did not witness this, but I've always heard how the 1961 Yankees won like 9 games that spring training and lost over 20. They ended up being one of the best teams ever. Most fans realize that the spring is a time for tune up. You still want the team to do well, but can't get so caught up in it…. Might be a blessing, so we don't think we are better than we are. Maybe we make coherent moves and rational trades. Easy to see, we need Pitching, Pitching, Pitching.

  3. Steve Rymas says:

    Girardi pounds these guys into the ground in Florida, then when it counts there's nothing left in the tank . Thanks Joe

    • Are you suggesting that 23 innings pitched over 6 starts is too much workload? Seems to me that if a professional athlete can't handle that then there is no way in hell they be effective.

      • buckeye balls says:

        agree its not a workload issue-you simply can't judge anything-pitchers experiment, guys don't dive for balls, closers pitch in the 5th inning, etc etc
        true in every sport-I remember the footballs giants going 6-0 in an early 70's preseason and then 2-11-1

  4. Olie says:

    Yanks have been out pitched almost every game and very little from 2,3 and 4 hitter. Not a good recipe for success.

  5. Dan M says:

    I know the team is off to a slow start but as long as they stay around .500, whether it's a couple games under or over (preferably over obviously) I'll be happy. Only thing that would disappoint me as a fan would be if the Yankees found themselves 10 games under by the end of the month cause that's when I'd start worrying. Six games in im not worried, these guys will come around

  6. Balt Yank says:

    Yankee MGMT from the top to Girardi are all a little rigid in how they approach baseball, which does not work with a rebuilding club like this. Tanaka is a known quality and a good pitcher with poor MLB endurance. So, maybe skip his last ST start, use five pitchers out of the gate, and give him extra rest. If so, he's pitched two good games. Rather, MGMT pitches him in his last ST start without purpose, and then pitches him on four days rest. We all know, and now know again, this is not a recipe for Tanaka. Pineda and Severino are simpler hopefuls against what to many seems obvious. Maybe Severino will develop, it's possible. He tries. Otherwise, he'll be back to the bullpen and an asset there. Warren would be a good # 3-# 4 starter. So, in short, the Yankees need more flexible thinking with a growing team.

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