Yankees to stay on track with rotation after rain out

Yankees manager Joe Girardi and the rest of the roster showed up to work on Tuesday afternoon. However, Girardi didn’t bother filling out a lineup card, which raised eyebrows with the media.

As it turns out, Girardi had a gut feeling the game was going to get rained out, which actually happened at around 3:00 p.m.

“I really didn’t believe we were going to play,” Girardi said.

The Yankees are scheduled to make up today’s game on July 16th as part of a day-night doubleheader. As a result of the doubleheader, the Yankees have pushed back all their starters a day. Luis Severino will pitch tomorrow (weather permitting), Masahiro Tanaka will pitch on Thursday, and CC Sabathia will pitch on Friday against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium.

The last time Severino and Tanaka pitched was against the Chicago White Sox last week at Yankee Stadium. Unfortunately, the extra rest means the pitchers are going to be unpredictable.

“It’s not what you want, but it is what it is and you’ve got to deal with it,” Girardi said. “Sevvy threw some on Sunday and Tanaka will probably try to throw a little bit today, maybe in the cage. It’s not the perfect world, but it’s what we’re going to do.”

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6 Responses to Yankees to stay on track with rotation after rain out

  1. steve says:

    in the 2-1 loss to the pirates, why was cozma swinging with a 2-0 count and the bases loaded? he's hitting .120 and has a better chance reaching base with a walk as opposed to getting a hit off a closer. was the take sign on?? that should be a no brainer. can someone please explain this to me!!!

  2. Timothy Smith says:

    This was bothering me too. Make him throw strikes ! He swung at ball 3 .

  3. Dan M says:

    If I had a choice of watching Pete Kozma or a pitcher try and hit…..preeetty sure I'd go with the pitcher. Give a pitcher as many AB's as Kozma has had and I'm pretty sure pitcher would have a better batting average lol

    • Dan M says:

      One day after I posted my original comment, I have one "dislike", guess that one dislike is Pete Kozma lol

  4. buckeye balls says:

    the real mistake was having him pinch run in the 8th inning with no pinch hitter available ror the 9th Sabathia used to be a better hitter but I don't know anymore. I think they felt 2-0 would be a grooved pitch and his best chance to get a hit. i get that but more upset with the pinch run. He'll be on waivers friday

  5. Jim says:

    It true, Kozma will be off the Yanks as soon as they clear Didi to be back. He'll probably get through waivers though and be assigned to the minors. Hopefully he'll never hurt us again. 🙂

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