Yankees will rethink how they use Matt Holliday in NL parks

Over the weekend we didn’t see much of Yankees designated hitter Matt Holliday, which was because the National League doesn’t have the DH option in their starting lineup. So the only time we really saw Holliday was when he was pinch-hitting.

There was the notion that the Yankees could have used Holliday in the field over the course of the weekend, but in the end Yankees manager Joe Girardi nixed the idea.

Despite not using Holliday except for pinch-hitting situations, Girardi said he will rethink how he’ll use Holliday the next time the team goes to a National League Park. The Yankees will visit both the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds–both former teams of closer Aroldis Chapman–starting on May 5th.

“I’ll see what we do on the next trip,” Girardi said after the Yankees fell to the Pittsburgh Pirates 2-1 on Sunday afternoon.

While the Yankees could have used Holliday’s bat in the lineup over the weekend, Holliday is currently in a 2-for-24 slide with nine strikeouts.

However the Yankees will be happy to have him return as the DH when the team begins a three-game set against the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday night.

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5 Responses to Yankees will rethink how they use Matt Holliday in NL parks

  1. Terry says:

    No real mystery here. If Bird's not hitting, he could see time at first. If Bird's hitting, he'll be pinch hitting. The outfield already has four guys battling for three spots. Three are hitting better, four are better defenders and better on the bases. Matt's pretty much a one dimensional player at this point

  2. Balt Yank says:

    I like Bird but at this point Carter and Bird should platoon. Holliday should play 1B in the NL, give him a change of pace.

  3. Jim says:

    Bird is the future, you need to get him going. Letting Carter play once a week is reasonable but you want Bird to play the bulk of the time.

  4. ERIC PELLIS says:

    Over reaction as usual. Bird needs to play fulltime and in the few games in NL parks Holliday should stay on the bench. Sanchez and Didi will be back by then so there is no reason to play him in those games.

  5. Dan M says:

    Everybody needs to relax about Greg Bird having a slow start. We are 18 games into the season people, there's a whole hell of a lot of baseball left to be played and let's not forget Bird missed a few games right in the beginning of the season with the toe issue and then being sick. Let's be happy the team is at where they are now and we will be even better once Sanchez and Didi are back. So again everybody just R-E-L-AX.

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