Aaron Judge thinks Brett Gardner could get his own cheering section

Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge has his own section at Yankee Stadium labeled “Judge Chambers”, where 18 Yankees fans at random are chosen to sit in the coveted seats, with gavels and judge robes present.

However, there’s another Yankees outfielder that is causing some buzz; left fielder Brett Gardner.

Gardner has shown he’s a small force to be reckoned especially after hitting his ninth home run in his last 21 games. Gardner only hit seven home runs in 148 games all last season.

So with Gardner’s recent power surge, is it possible the Yankees left fielder could get his own section at Yankee Stadium?

Well, it could be a long time–or never–that Gardner gets his own section, but Judge thinks that Gardner could be deserving of such an honor simply because of the production he’s put in.

“It is impressive,” Judge said after the Yankees defeated the Kansas City Royals 4-2 on Monday night. “It is what he is capable of doing. Early in spring training, early in the year, he was thinking as a leadoff guy: ‘I’ve got to take pitches. I’ve got to work the count,’ when really he can put the ball in the seats whenever he wants. With the swing that he has, the power he’s got, the body, now he is just going up there attacking guys.”

But if Gardner did have his own section at Yankee Stadium, what would it be? Would it it consist of Yankees fans holding trenches and wearing garden hats in ‘Gardy’s Yardy’ (very clever, ESPN). Or would it be something completely different?

Well, what does Gardner think?

“You guys can figure that out,” Gardner said.

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5 Responses to Aaron Judge thinks Brett Gardner could get his own cheering section

  1. Terry says:

    He is hot that's for sure. But what would you call it?? Gardy's garden? Gardy's party?? The BG club? Gotta go,any more suggestions?

  2. Gale Criddle says:

    His nickname is Brett the Jet Gardner, so how about "The Jet Set."

  3. Dan M says:

    The "Gardy Greeter Creatures" lol

  4. buckeye balls says:

    sitting him too much while he's hot in my opinion-he will tail off in the second half whether he sits once in a while or not-so I would keep him in there until he cools a bit. Also don't get sitting Sanchez versus a lefty. Girardi can be head scratching some times although I don't know any other managers out there that are better. Tonight montgomery was absolutely dealing and he takes him out with 2 outs no one on and 98 pitches when we know the bullpen has been over used.

  5. Jerry says:

    How bout a section for Castro, they could have several Fidel Castro lookalikes sitting on Castro convertibles.

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