Brett Gardner smashes recycling bin after sixth-inning strikeout

If Aaron Judge is Derek Jeter, then Brett Gardner must be Paul O’Neill.

No, we’re not talking about Gardner’s offensive production mimicking ‘The Warrior’s’.

During the Yankees 8-6 win over the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday night, Gardner was called out on strikes in the sixth inning. The issue was the strike three pitch was clearly a ball. Gardner, who had been doing so well during the Yankees homestand, took his bat to the dugout and lashed out on a nearby recycling bin.

Gardner joked about his epic tantrum after the game.

“I was a little frustrated,” Gardner said. “They’ll probably fine me 15 or 20 bucks and we’ll get a new one next home stand.”

Gardner wasn’t the only one that took offense to Bill Welke’s strike zone. Matt Holliday was just as angry over a called strike three, and after Starlin Castro was called out on a questionable pitch, Joe Girardi barked at the umpire. Unfortunately, calling out Welke’s mistakes led to an ejection.

“It started in the sixth inning with Gardy. And there were four pitches that I felt weren’t strikes. And it’s an important time,” Girardi said. “We’re down a run. A couple strike ones and a couple strike threes. And you’re at the top of your order, and it’s kind of frustrating.”

Girardi’s ejection was just the thing to get the Yankees going, as they rallied from behind and took sole possession of first place going into Thursday’s off-day.

As for Gardner’s bat…he’s going to need a new one. Especially after the bat he used to destroy the garbage can was the one he used during his offensively productive homestand.

But hey, at least Gardner gained some fans for his old school spirit. And I’m sure wherever he is, Paul O’Neill is very proud.

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11 Responses to Brett Gardner smashes recycling bin after sixth-inning strikeout

  1. Jim says:

    Bill Welke was the second worst umpire last night. But the honor of worst umpire had to go to Sam Holbrook for tossing Kevin Gausman for a curveball hit by pitch.
    Even though it probably helped my beloved Yankees, a bad black eye for Baseball by this idiot Ump.
    Bill Welke clearly embarrassed himself with one last non-strike call for the second to last pitch of the game.

  2. Michael says:

    That recyclig bin was LONG due for replacement and Gardner and others kept bumping into it during their time in the dugout. His actions were fully justified both from moral and practical standpoints and gave the Yankees a well-deserved "win" over what has, thus far, been their biggest impediment of the season.

    • buckeye balls says:

      they can hopefully recycle the recycling bin

      good to see some emotion this year, good and bad. Bench too quiet in recent years

  3. Lou Piniella says:

    He needs to calm down.

    • Howard says:

      He needs more of exactly that.
      He is one of the team leaders now and I love his outburst.
      It woke the guys up and we went on to win the game.
      Bravo Gardy

  4. Terry says:

    I mean, the guy hits 4 homers in less than a week and then flips out on a receptacle? Could this be 'road rage?? LOL!! Just kidding, I love the emotion. It shows you care and a lot. Yankees are playing well, what's a trash or two

  5. Real life says:

    Seriously??? What a role model!! Just another spoiled a. H

    • Jim says:

      Who said he was a role model? Only you did.

      He got overly frustrated by a terrible ump and took it out on a fairly cheap plastic recycling bucket rather than something truly stupid like picking a fight with the idiot ump or worse; punch a wall with his fist. There are far worse things than going Paul O'Neil on a plastic bucket.

    • Delia Enriquez says:

      1. It’s not his job to be a role model. It’s his job to play baseball and help the team win.

      2. His actions were justified. He was upset because of a bogus strike three call and took it out on an inanimate object.

      3. Unlike David Ortiz hitting a bullpen phone near his teammates, Gardner took out his frustration safely away from his teammates.

      4. It was awesome. Enough said.

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