Brett Gardner’s performance reminiscent of All-Star season

When the Yankees returned to Cincinnati for their two-game series against the Reds, it was at a place that hosted one of the best moments in Brett Gardner‘s career.

The Great American Ballpark was where Gardner made his first career appearance as an American League All-Star.

“Obviously some good memories here,” Gardner said after the Yankees defeated the Reds 10-4 on Monday night. “Good to have my kids on the field for the Home Run Derby, stuff like that. Stuff that I’ll definitely cherish forever, never forget. That was a special time for sure.”

On Monday, Gardner made more good memories at Great American Ballpark, crushing his sixth home run in his last nine games. Since then, Gardner is hitting .375/.432/.875 and currently is the owner of an 11-game hit streak. Gardner’s hot bat is a nice change from when he hit .188/.216/.234 in his first 18 games of the season. However, Joe Girardi believes the reason Gardner struggled was due to his first base collision with Rickie Weeks.

“You often wonder if that collision affected him,” Girardi said. “You want to say no, but sometimes soreness in some spots may cause you to swing a little bit different and it just messes you up.”

It appears the collision had affected both parties; Weeks ended up hitting .118/.286/.147 in his first 11 games after that.

“It affected me in some ways, I’m sure, but I’m not sure how much,” Gardner said. “If that hadn’t happened, I may have struggled even more so for the next few weeks. You never can tell. I’m not one to try and pinpoint things.

“I’m feeling good. That’s the main thing.”

And he’s looking good as well. Almost reminiscent to Gardner’s All-Star season a mere two years ago.

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13 Responses to Brett Gardner’s performance reminiscent of All-Star season

  1. This has been a nice 10 game run and all, but small sample sizes are inherently deceiving. It doesn't change the fact that he has hit .260/.348/.390 since 2015 and his exit velocity is at a career low. He also hasn't stolen a base in 20 games. I hope he keeps up this current pace and has one more big season before his career is over, but I think we've seen enough of him to know what to expect — and it ain't much.

    • That sounded very negative so I do want to point out that 6 home runs at this point, when he had 7 all year last year, is definitely a good sign. He's also scored 22 runs in 27 games. At 33-years-old it's not inconceivable that what is now a small sample size could turn into a trend. The Yankees' outfield has certainly been a threat lately and he's been a big part of that. I just wish he would steal more bases!

      • Jerry says:

        Delia talks about Gardner and this season being reminiscent of the all-star season, and indeed if it is, well the time after the allstars, he hit like.200. So hopefully he plays more consistently like the last 10 games.

  2. buckeye balls says:

    I love that he plays great defense, hustles and walks a lot. I don't really want the power, much prefer the steals but he never runs after the all star break. this year he stopped running earlier. I would love to see them sell high and trade him-Nationals, Giants? but it won't happen while they are wiinning. They could call up Fowler and make him the fourth outfielder-also play Holliday a little when romine catches so Sanchez can DH. I don't think we'd miss much

    • Jack says:

      Don't forget Gardners 30 K's in 104Ab's. He is not a home run hitter. He is supposed to be a lead off hitter and the K's to Ab's is absurd

      • I don't see stike outs as being a problem for Gardner as long as he's got a .358 OBP. I don't know if that is sustainable or not, but anything around .360 or better is great.

  3. ERIC PELLIS says:

    Releasing Carter could solve the roster problem as long as Holliday can play 1st till Bird gets back. It would give Joe the flexility to play all four outfielders at the same time by having them rotate the DH spot. This would make our lineup so much stronger by not playing Carter.

    • I don't hate this idea at all, but Holliday needs more work at first base, even just during practice, for this to be possible.

    • Jerry says:

      I'm not ready to give up on Carter yet. He's had 54 at bats, This is another streaky hitter, give him some time, like Gardner just had, We all wanted to throw him under the bus and now look at him. Carter had 41 homers last year I think he has a few left. Let him get hot and hit 5 or 6 homers in a week.

  4. Terry says:

    Brett's definitely hot right now and that's a good thing. I currently still have him under 15 homers for the year. Just because of the set up and swing, the timing has to be spot on and for almost 2 weeks it has been!! The great thing about the streaks of these guys a lot of us questioned is, they've parlayed it into wins. Early season wins and that didn't happen last year. The youth can still pull us through the summer. Keep the bus rolling Yankees, it's looking good so far

  5. tom says:

    If Gardner actually picked up where he left back in June of 2015 then it would be great. Otherwise, we have to enjoy the most of time when he is on hot streak.

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I like Gardner and would relish seeing him an ALL STAR this year. He has the intangible that goes beyond raw stats. That being said, he needs an OBA 350+ to be valuable. Jeter was an excellent hitter, with some great seasons, but even more, Jeter was an elite player of baseball's mental game and effort game. He was clutch defensively and offensively. He ran out grounders 110% in the eight inning when the Yankees up by 5 and at age 36. Gardner can't be compared to Jeter in the intangible department but he has grit, defensive prowess, and all out hustle, which is invaluable and infectious.

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