Cashman: Demoting Greg Bird is not a option

After a dominant Spring Training, Greg Bird struggled during the month of April. He struggled so much, his batting average dipped to .107, and he was benched prior to the Yankees facing Wade Miley andthe Baltimore Orioles on Sunday afternoon.

However, if you were wondering if Bird was going to be demoted to the minors, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman revealed it was the farthest thing from his mind.

“It’s not even an option for me in my mind right now, at all.” Cashman said prior to the Yankees 7-4 loss on Sunday afternoon.

Bird eventually saw action during Sunday’s 11-inning affair, but Joe Girardi felt compelled to use Chris Carter at first to start the game. If Bird continues to struggle, Carter could see more time at first base while Bird sits on the bench.

Quick Notes

— Something I missed yesterday–or actually didn’t get a chance to write about–was Pete Kozma found a new home. During Sunday’s game, Kozma was claimed off waivers by the Texas Rangers, and was promoted to the Major League level. The Rangers optioned Jurickson Profar to the minors as the corresponding move.

The Kozma era was short, but it wasn’t all in vain. We’ll always have that game against the Pirates.

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6 Responses to Cashman: Demoting Greg Bird is not a option

  1. MSU Bulldog says:

    If the coach had any brains, he would bat Bird in front of Judge, which means Bird would get more pitches to hit, as it stands, Bird bats after Judge, and Bird is not getting a lot of good pitches to hit.

    • Bird has a lot more problems right now than not getting enough good pitches to hit. Plus, moving him up in the order would give him more at bats anpd, right now, he probably doesn't even belong in the lineup. But the Yankees have got to get him going again and there isn't a great way to do that with him on the bench.

  2. Terry says:

    I'm a huge Bird fan and he is struggling big time. He's in search mode at the plate and that's a cardinal sin. Even when you're struggling, you have to have a plan and grind through it. He's reactive and that's makes him a tad late. As strange as it sounds, he needs to be aggressive and hunt pitches in certain situations. Like Estrada and his change up, he needs to hunt the change at least once tonight. He also needs to take that outside pitch to LC, opposing pitchers are keying out there to get ahead. His swing isn't built for straight LF but LC is definitely there. I think he'll get through it, it just has to click once and the flood gates will open

  3. Joe says:

    Bird man will prove to because great hitter and will become the most popular Yankee since jester.

  4. John says:

    Bird needs to run to first ,not trot like he did Mon. night in the 4th…

  5. Dan M says:

    There's definitely a little worry in how Greg Bird has performed so far, but I don't think anybody should be freaking out yet either. I'm sure Bird's ankle is probably bothering him but I think his current stint on the 10-day DL is more of an opportunity for him to clear his head and de-stress. Watching the most recent games in Boston the biggest problem I saw with Bird was that his swing just looked very slow, he was way behind on 92mph fastballs from Rick Porcello. Bird needs to let his ankle heal up and just forget about the first month of the season and come back in a week or two and treat the rest of the season like he did going into spring training. Literally let this be a fresh start, cause things will get better for Bird, he's too talented not to be able to turn things around.

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