Derek Jeter pens letter to New York

On Sunday, the New York Yankees are going to retire Derek Jeter‘s No. 2 in front of 50,000 Yankees fans. Jeter’s retirement ceremony is the hottest ticket in town. In fact, the cheapest price for a ticket on the second hand market starts at approximately $200.

New York has been quite kind to Jeter’s career. So to say thanks, Jeter wrote a letter for the greatest city in the world. He explained how he was in a city that started as intimidating and ended up thriving. Now, New York feels like home to Jeter, and it’s a place he can’t wait to return to when the Yankees honor him on Sunday night.

Here’s an excerpt from Jeter’s letter:

A lot was asked of that kid. And I always respected the challenge to prove myself each and every day. The lights were always bright. The pace was always fast. The stakes were always high, and the expectations higher. And in those difficult moments — those moments that feel unique to New York — you always showed me a sign.

All I had to do was look: It was a little girl’s tip of her cap, or a shout from across the street, or a rallying chant from the upper decks of Yankee Stadium that made its way down to the field. Or the support from teammates who taught me about the spirit of this city: That we’re all in this together, and we have to look out for one another.

New York, I’ll never forget how you looked out for me.

The entire letter can be read on Jeter’s website The Player’s Tribune. And while we read Jeter’s letter, we can count the hours until the Yankees put Derek Jeter and glorious his No. 2 in Monument Park with the rest of the Yankees legends.

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