Eight Yankees make first All-Star ballot cut

With the midsummer classic a mere six weeks away, fans are voting nonstop for their favorite players to head to Miami and represent their team. 

Today, Major League Baseball announced the updated totals for the fan vote, and to no ones surprise, eight Yankees made the first cut. 

Leading the pack is right fielder Aaron Judge, who has the second most votes (730,438) in the American League, only behind the recently injured Mike Trout, but how did the other Yankees fare in the voting process?

Starlin Castro has a slim lead over Astros shortstop Jose Altuve with 516,268 votes. Chase Headley is currently fifth in All-Star voting among third baseman with 174,702 votes. Didi Gregorius is currently fourth in All-Star voting among shortstop with 239,170 votes. Gary S├ínchez is currently fourth in All-Star voting among catchers with 267,683 votes. Matt Holliday is currently third in All-Star voting among designated hitters with 276,855 votes. Finally, Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury are currently 11th and 12th respectively in All-Star voting among outfielders with 192,288 and 179,600 votes. 

The next American League updated voting will occur on June 6th. Will any of the Yankees move up on the leaderboard, or will they fall and miss their chance to head to Miami? To prevent that from happening, make sure to go to Yankees.com and vote up to five times for your favorite Yankees. 

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5 Responses to Eight Yankees make first All-Star ballot cut

  1. tom says:

    I am not a big All Star proponent but I think Betances, Judge and Severino will be on the roster.

    • Jerry says:

      Those three are most deserving. But I also believe Castro belongs. He doesn't get the credit he deserves, although I believe he's leading in the balloting. And rightfully so.

  2. tom says:

    OTT, I can't wait until next weekend to hear about Austin and Bird.

  3. buckeye balls says:

    chris carter is unwatchable but back in the lineup tonight-rather see CC bat 9th

  4. WyomingGrizFan says:

    Is Tanaka available come 31 July? I mean, for somebody else.

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