Gary Sanchez battled neck stiffness last night

Last night, Rob Thomson didn’t use catcher Gary Sanchez as a pinch-hitter, which caused controversy among Yankees fans.

But 17 hours later, the fans got an answer on why Sanchez wasn’t used. Yankees manager Joe Girardi said Sanchez had been battling neck stiffness, which was why he wasn’t a pinch-hitting option.

If this was the case, why didn’t the Yankees say anything about Sanchez’s small injury yesterday? Wouldn’t it have been better if they were straight forward with everyone prior to the game so everyone would have known Sanchez wasn’t available?

Well, regardless of what happened yesterday, today’s a new day, and if it helps…Gary Sanchez is in the lineup and will catch Masahiro Tanaka behind the plate.

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2 Responses to Gary Sanchez battled neck stiffness last night

  1. Jerry says:

    And Hicks had a headache?

  2. gary b says:

    Appears They Know Whats Coming. ( Maybe signs are being stolen or tipped off by the catcher or Tanaka himself) (Pitching pattern too predictable)
    (Tanaka has Major Medical Issue/s) (Bottom line pitching coach and Girardi Need to Figure it out) He seems to be throwing not pitching. Send him for medical tests and realize he may be shut down indefinitely. Go Yankees !!! (Mgmt & Ownership Go Far Far Away Into Permanent Exile) 🙂

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