Jacoby Ellsbury placed on 7-day concussion disabled list

Jacoby Ellsbury may have saved a double or triple for the New York Yankees in the first inning of their win on Wednesday night, but that play ultimately came with a price.

The Yankees centerfielder was diagnosed with a concussion and a sprained neck during the game which prompted the Yankees to place him on the 7-day concussion disabled list. The Yankees announced early Thursday morning that Rob Refsnyder would get the call-up.

The Yankees used Aaron Hicks as a replacement for Ellsbury after he went into the dugout and was checked out by Joe Girardi and Steve Donahue.

One thing is certain; the Yankees are going to miss what Ellsbury brings to the table, but they are also going to do their best in replacing him.

“He’s a guy that you can’t really replace, with what he does on both sides of the ball,” Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner said after the Yankees 3-0 victory against the Kansas City Royals. “But [Aaron[ Hicks obviously has been playing great. He’s going to step right in. We’ll keep this thing rolling along. Hopefully [Ellsbury] is back as soon as he’s ready and it’s not long.”

Luckily for the Yankees, depth regarding the Yankees and their injuries isn’t necessarily an issue.

“We’ve got a lot of depth,” Gardner said. “We’ve been tested early on with Gary [Sanchez] being out and with Didi [Gregorius] being out and Chappy [Aroldis Chapman] being out.”

The Yankees were able to overcome those three injuries, so it would make sense they overcome Ellsbury’s injury as well. Let’s just hope Ellsbury isn’t out longer than the initial seven days.

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7 Responses to Jacoby Ellsbury placed on 7-day concussion disabled list

  1. Terry says:

    That was a great catch and the hardest hit ball off Severino. Kid threw a gem!! Amazing, we rode a capable starter for eight and the bull pen got much needed rest. We have the talent and depth this year, so Joe G doesn't have to micro manage to squeeze out wins. We can go back to more traditional use of the pen. Now would I let him throw 114 pitches again? No. Pull him back to around 100 for one start and let him go again. Those two kids could get away with more pitch count wise, just be smart about building strength

    • Howard says:

      In the the 20th century, guys would pitch 150 pitches and on 4 days rest would do the same again.
      I am glad Girardi doesn't coddle Severino, be it 100, 110, 120 if he tires then you pull him out.
      At his age, the pitches he throws makes no difference, its how many high stress innings that affects a pitcher..
      And he had only one high stress inning last game.

  2. buckeye balls says:

    Are severino and monty on innings counts this year? you would think so but haven't seen anything

    • tom says:

      I don't think they will need to be on the inning watch but you never know as far as Yankees are holding a playoff spot.

      6 innings per start for 25 games will be 150 innings max but both Severino and Monty are good for 175 ish. While they can reach 8th inning, neither is 8 inning machine right now. So, no inning watch at the moment for them.

      For pitch count, both can dial up to 115 per start but will be taken out earlier than 100th if there is any location or stuff problem that is visible to coaches' eyes.

      If they outperform themselves then we will have problems. lol.

  3. buckeye balls says:

    wish headley was on an innings count

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