Jordan Montgomery has dominant start blown by bullpen

In his last two starts, Jordan Montgomery had trouble keeping the Yankees in ball games. However, he had probably one of his best starts as a Bronx Bomber on Tuesday night, and was in line for a win. If only the bullpen hadn’t blown the game and sent the Yankees to a devastating 6-2 loss.

Montgomery allowed one run in the seventh inning before the Yankees turned things over to Adam Warren. Unfortunately, Warren allowed the go-ahead run on a two-run shot off the bat of Jorge BonifacioJoe Girardi felt Montgomery was tiring, and Montgomery admitted he wouldn’t have done anything differently, especially since he trusts the usually dominant Yankees bullpen.

“I trust those guys coming out of the bullpen. I trust them all,” Montgomery said after the game. “They’re doing the best to execute pitches. They’ve been so great throughout the year already. Nobody’s perfect. Win as a team, lose as a team.”

It was the second time in Montgomery’s young career that he went deep into the seventh inning, and it was the first time he allowed less than two runs in any start. Despite that, Montgomery was confident his struggles had nothing to do with him being merely 24-years-old.

“I haven’t really wavered in my confidence,” he said. “I know what I can do.”

He was so impressive, even Kansas City Royals starter Danny Duffy was in awe.

“He’s out there and he’s beyond his years and it’s fun to watch him compete,” Duffy said from the Royals clubhouse.

Montgomery has proven to be quite impressive, which is why he’s currently in the Yankees rotation. If only the bullpen could have held on and got the young rookie the win.

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13 Responses to Jordan Montgomery has dominant start blown by bullpen

  1. tom says:

    Warren has been disappointing. failed to hold the score twice in last 3 games. Not cool.

    • Rich says:

      Should have never brought in Warren. He pitched night before . Big mistake by Giradi. Had plenty of relievers he could have used. Warren blows alot of games. Can't work him consecutive days. Very BAD LOSS. My name is Rich. I worked at stadium for many years back in the 80s. Yankee fan 50 years. Served alot of big names in my day. Go Yankees. Let's get them tonight My name is Rich from Port St. LUCIE Florida

      • Jerry says:

        I'm guessing your name is Rich and you're right Warren was probably not the reliever to bring in. But Holder and Shreve did not fare much better. Tough loss, let's win the next couple of games with KC and move on. Such a positive with Montgomery though. Great pitching by him.

      • A lot of relievers work back to back games. It's pretty typical in 2017.

  2. Celerino says:

    Montgomery should have finished the seventh. Enough with pitch counts going lower and lower.and platoon advantage.

    • This is a pretty typical move of the Yankees going back to the Joe Torre days — take the reliever out mid-inning during a performance like this to give them the standing ovation. Seems to help with confidence which is something that Montgomery certainly needs to build up at this level.

      Besides, he was starting to miss his spots and looked tired — hence the homer.

  3. Larry says:

    Adam Warren is a pitcher who needs to start an inning even thogh he came in nobody on .Also Warren is a pitcher who operates better when there is a 2 run lead because he tends to try and be perfect and will hang on or miss location.
    Still a good pitcher but will be exposed a little more with Betances closing.

    • Jack says:

      By the book Girardi only manages one way and that is what is in his binder. This guy never goes with his gut feeling , maybe he doesn't have any. I wish they would have gotten rid of him a long time ago.

  4. Dan M says:

    I agree with Celerino, I'm tired of hearing about pitchers and pitch counts, Montgomery was fantastic last night and I would've given him a chance to get out of the inning. In addition Yankees Starting Pitching has not been good lately and the bullpen has been over worked, last night would've been perfect to give the bullpen as much rest as possible and see just how far Montgomery could go. Pitchers are babied way to much now all because organizations want to protect them from injury but what happens 99% of the time when you try to protect a pitcher "…this just in (insert name here), will require TJS and is expected to miss the next 12-18 months of action". Please stop the babying crap, baseball is getting less fun because every player is being put in an ultra protective bubble.

  5. What about the fact that Montgomery gets worse everytime through the lineup? — 2nd time through is a dropoff, 3rd time through is a huge dropoff. He has really struggled facing batters two or three times and considering the fact that he pitched against the Royals just recently, I have no problem taking him out early of a close game. People here are acting like the Yankees bullpen hasn't been dominant and it was a liability making that move.

    Plus getting that huge ovation had to help his confidence.

    I had no problem with the way that Girardi managed last night's pitchers. Took the kid out on a high note and went to one of the best bullpens in the game. They blew it. It happens occasionally. This is silly nitpicking.

    • Jerry says:

      It's also typical of second guessing after a tough loss. The bullpen normally dominant, but not as much without Chapman around. I do agree that Girardi wanted Montgomery to leave this game on a positive note . Duffy did pitch a good game himself, so the Yankees didn't hit enough. Let's just beat the Royals the next two games and move on.

  6. buckeye balls says:

    the bullpen has been overused -I would have left Monty in-he was dealing. It was the bottom of the order i would let him at least put the tying run on then pull him so he doens' t get a loss. That being said felt bad for Warren -a bloop by an overshifted infield and a yankee stadium homer. Speaking of homers-can the Yanks score without hitting one? not lately. The ovation thing is nonsense -fans are smart and if he finished the 7th he would have gotten a huge one

  7. Terry says:

    I agree with buckeye balls and Celerino in the sense that we are overworking the pen and it's only May. The starters should be building strength right now and taking them out early for any reason other than they are in trouble right now shouldn't happen. We need to manage the situation, not what might happen. Save the pen when you can and use it for match ups. Same as Didi learning to hit lefties, he had to face lefties. JM won't pitch into the 8th, unless you let him try. He was in control, not in trouble. Pitch count was fine

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