Randy Levine backtracks on comments regarding Dellin Betances

The Yankees are going to be without closer Aroldis Chapman for at least the next month. That means it’s Dellin Betances‘ chance to show the Yankees what he’s capable of in the closer role.

On Tuesday afternoon, Yankees president Randy Levine backtracked on his comments from February regarding Betances’ ability to be a closer. In February, Levine believed Betances wasn’t worthy of $5 Million in arbitration because he wasn’t a closer, and if ‘Betances was a closer, then Levine was an astronaut’. But on Tuesday, Levine claimed to have full faith in Betances who will replace Chapman in the ninth inning.

“He is going to do great,” Levine said. “He is ready. I have full confidence he will do a great job.”

However, Betances wasn’t in quite the forgiving mood when he heard Levine’s latest comments. Betances knows he has a job to do, and he wasn’t going to let Levine’s words cause a distraction.

“I am not worried about Randy Levine and what he is trying to say,’’ Betances said. “Obviously there was the thing a couple of months ago, but I am focused on the team and trying to help the team win.’’

Betances doesn’t believe there’s a difference pitching in the eighth or the ninth, except the team either comes away with the win or enters the clubhouse in a funk.

“The only difference is you either shake hands or go home upset. There is nothing different because you have to make pitches. You have to be the aggressor and try to get some outs,’’ Betances said. “The only difference is if you put it in your mind that you have to do something different, you are going to get yourself in trouble.’’

Betances’ services weren’t needed on Tuesday night, especially since the Yankees defeated the Kansas City Royals 7-1. But in the Yankees next 11 games–two against the Royals, three against the Tampa Bay Rays, three against the Royals at home, and three against the Oakland Athletics at home–the Yankees will end up needing Betances to help preserve a lead.

And that will be the perfect moment for Betances to prove himself as the closer.


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5 Responses to Randy Levine backtracks on comments regarding Dellin Betances

  1. W merante says:

    Randy Levine is one of the problems the Yankees need to overcome

  2. Jerry says:

    Randy Levine, what a big man. It took him this long to make some kind of concession. Still not a full apology. Betances takes the high road, but we fans don't have to, Levine is an asshole. One who should never speak about the Yankees. There is no respect for him. Once again, what does he do?

  3. tom says:

    I will stop visiting any Yankees site/blog if Betances struggles to close games regular just in case. lol.

    You are lucky that USA have LaVar Ball, Levine.

  4. buckeye balls says:

    I ignore Levine-Betances will be ok if they limit his innings and so far this year he is on a great pace

  5. Bonnie H. says:

    Randy Levine should have been absolutely embarrassed about what he said about Dellin Betances earlier in the year. Give me the name of any Yankee that has been more important to the team over the last 3 years. He has saved their hide way too many times. Is it true that Levine now uses George Constanza's office. Does he hide under the desk also—he should!!!!

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