Was Chase Headley’s ejection unwarranted?

Not only did last night’s Yankees game see the Bronx Bombers lose their third straight game, but there was a surprising ejection during the Yankees half of the seventh inning.

If anyone guessed Joe Girardi, I said the ejection was surprising. Not entertaining.

Chase Headley, who usually never causes a spectacle, was ejected in the seventh inning when umpire Adrian Johnson ordered Headley back in the batters box after it appeared Headley was hit by a pitch. The problem was, Headley initially never addressed the umpire.

The only thing both sides could agree on was Brian McCann checking to see if Headley was okay.

Here’s where the stories differ:

Headley said he addressed solely McCann when McCann asked if he was okay. However, Johnson claims Headley stared at him and responded to McCann’s question. Johnson then got into Headley’s face and pointed a finger at him, provoking the angry third baseman. Headley’s response then earned him an ejection from the game.

Girardi tried to play off the ejection to the media and said there was some miscommunication between Headley and Johnson.

But according to Headley, there was no miscommunication. Johnson’s intentions were quite clear.

“I wouldn’t call it a misunderstanding,” Headley said after the game. “I think that he was in the wrong. I didn’t say a word to him. He approached me, took his mask off, put his finger in my face and I responded.

“I definitely think there needs to be accountability,” Headley said, “and I’ll leave it at that.”

Now, this is basically a case of ‘he said / he said’, but it usually takes a lot to make Headley angry. So maybe there was some merit to Headley’s story. One thing can be agreed on, the umpire clearly provoked Headley the moment he pointed his finger in Headley’s face.

And if Headley really was addressing McCann, which again seems like something Headley would do, then it would have been Johnson’s best interest to stay out of it.

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9 Responses to Was Chase Headley’s ejection unwarranted?

  1. Jack says:

    Really an umpire making a mistake come on this of course never happens. They worry about the length of games when if the umps would call the strike zone correctly this would also allow starting pitchers to stay in the game longer as their pitch counts would be less, thereby reducing the number of relief pitchers and letting the game move more quickly. Baseball is losing the younger children because of the starting and finishing times of games. Baseball like all sports is ruled by MONEY!!!!

  2. Larry says:

    If umpires were graded on a hired or your fired scale they would get their act together.
    To many hitter looking at strike 3 or swinging at strike 3 because the umpires make it difficult.
    Strike called that isn't close or a ball call that is in the zone is playing with not only the hitters but pitchers also.
    Terrible umpiring .Joe West was terrible to both teams.
    Maybe a fastball ought to be called and the batter and hitter do nothing it hits them square in the nask might knock some sense in to them on what they are doing.

  3. Terry says:

    I'm not the biggest Chase fan but I absolutely loved his response. I've Seen a lot of ball either coaching or watching and I believe the umpire was totally in the wrong. Chase was in the box and willing to get his AB going after taking a hit to his hand. The ump didn't have to do anything. He was clearly the instigator. Love the fire from Chase's response

    • tom says:

      I don't know. Headley clearly quipped at HP umpire. Headley turned his head toward catching side thrice.

      1st turn – response to McCann. (Friendly)
      2nd turn – something that bothered HP ump.
      3rd turn – yelling at HP ump. Both are out of respective spots..

      Headley said to media that he did not say anything that prompted HP ump removed his mask and pointed finger at him. Ha! According to the video, he was clearly full of it. So who started the minor war? I don't know but Headley surely made it happen.

  4. Chase Headley has been hitting .171/.237/.257 over his last 17 games so, whether or not he deserved it, the umpire did the Yankees a favor.

    • buckeye balls says:

      agree and you didn't even mention his sub par defense-not sure what they see in him but 3b will be a weak spot next year and a half

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