Yankees believe Brett Gardner is currently their MVP

The New York Yankees are beginning to come down from their momentous high where they’d typically score 10 runs a game. But if that were the case, it appears Brett Gardner hasn’t gotten the memo yet.

The Yankees left fielder hit his eighth home run of the season against the Rays on Sunday afternoon and has already beat his entire total for all last season. His home run was also the difference maker in the Yankees 3-2 win.

So what is up with Gardner’s recent power surge?

“Because he is a home-run hitter now,” Joe Girardi said following the game. “I’ve seen him hit it [out] in BP. I’m not sure I expected him to hit eight home runs in about a month, but I’ll take it, just keep it going.”

Gardner has been the key to the Yankees success this season at the top of the lineup. Even right fielder Aaron Judge, who made a ridiculous catch to prevent a run from scoring, is impressed with Gardner’s recent success.

“He starts the fire. He gets things going for us,” Judge said. “He can hit a home run any time he wants. He’s got that kind of swing and that power and that discipline. He runs this offense. When he gets on, good things happen. Gardy’s got to be MVP right now for this team.”

Unlike a few years prior, Gardner isn’t trying to be a home run hitter. He’s just been more aggressive at the plate by using his lower half more, which has helped not only himself, but his teammates.

“I was looking for a fastball, he threw me a slider in, and I was able get my hands in enough to get some barrel on it,” Gardner said. “Just wanted to be aggressive.”

And indeed he has.

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9 Responses to Yankees believe Brett Gardner is currently their MVP

  1. tom says:

    He kind of has to hit HR as many as he can since he doesn't want to steal bases anymore. lol. Since his violent collision at 1B he has yet to make any SB attempt.

    Whatever he does, 100 scored runs is reachable.

  2. tom says:

    OTT, Gleyber Torres is one level away now. That makes 6 prospects to threaten to sit Yankees players.

    Clint Frazier, OF
    Dustin Fowler, OF
    Chance Adams, SP
    Domingo German, SP
    Tyler Wade, SUP
    Gleyber Torres, 3B

    Only one of them is already on the reserve roster. Damn.

    I have dozens of crystal balls in one room and there may be only one that actually works. Did I find one?

    Movement for the healthy team only

    1) Torres to take Rob Refsnyder's spot and replace Headley at 3B. Headley moves to 1B. This happen will be occurred in early July. or late June.

    2) Adams takes over Tanaka's spot in the rotation as Tanaka is demoted to bullpen. DFA and subsequently trade Luis Cessa to NL team by July 31. That is when Girardi and Cashman will re-assemble the team for playoff challenge.

    3) Wade replaces Torreyes at last minute for playoff roster since he offers more than Torreyes in certain tools Girardi will want to upgrade.

    • tom says:

      About 1) scenario, it will require few more moves to make it possible. Such as Chris Carter, Tyler Austin, Tom Layne or even Caleb Smith.

    • Albert says:

      Not exactly.

      Torres isn't going to be promoted to the majors that soon and you've forgotten about Greg Bird. You may have written him off already, but Cashman and Girardi haven't. He'll be the starting First Baseman when he returns from the DL.

      And Tanaka isn't going to the bullpen. Sabathia has had stretches as bad or worse than Tanaka in recent years and he was never demoted to the pen.

      • tom says:

        Right now, Bird is injury and has yet to pick up a bat. That is where I went with. Who knows what will happen to Bird in June.

        Sabathia tends to have one bad inning per game and Tanaka has struggled more than 1 or 2 innings per game. Tanaka deserves the bullpen duty unless he manages to turn around like Sabathia did last year. July 31 is 2 months away so he has plenty time to turn around.

  3. Jack says:

    If Gardner is the Yanks MVP they are in real trouble. I hope Cashman has the good sense to trade him now if other teams think he is the Yanks MVP . Give me a break. Who rights garbage like this !!!!

    • Jerry says:

      Take it easy JACK, they are just opinions. Gardner has had a terrific last month. Just hit his 9th homer. I would say Castro and Judge. Castro is not getting his due credit. But between Judge and Castro, they have been the most consistently great this year. And this will change month to month, be it Sanchez or Didi or maybe Bird. Many productive players, that's what it's all about.

  4. Balt Yank says:

    Gardner rocks. About Tanaka going to the bullpen, LOL. Headley at first base, really? Sounds like more errors as he botches 3B quite a bit still. I see BIRD given one more chance. We have two roster spots to play with: Tom Layne (why is he on the team) and Chris Carter (play Romine at first until BIRDMAN is back).

  5. Tom says:

    Tommy Layne should be DFAed and Tyler Webb should be brought up to replace him, Bird and Austin should be brought up shortly and Refsnyder returned to Scranton and Carter DFAed.

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