Yankees fall to Astros 3-2

Astros vs. Yankees
FINAL: Astros 3, Yankees 2
WIN: Dallas Keuchel (6-0, 1.69 ERA)
LOSS: Michael Pineda (3-2, 3.27 ERA)

The Yankees and Astros were one of the most anticipated match-ups of the night, especially since both teams have performed extremely well over the last few weeks. However, the Yankees had to face Dallas Keuchel, who has returned to Cy Young form. And the Yankees didn’t have any luck as they fell 3-2 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York.

The Yankees scored in the fifth on a catchers interference by Jacoby Ellsbury. In the ninth, Gary Sanchez hit a RBI single, but Ellsbury was thrown out at the plate as the tying run, effectively ending the game.

Pineda went 6.2 innings, giving up three runs on six hits while striking out seven. Adam Warren pitched 1.1 scoreless innings, Jonathan Holder retired two batters and Chasen Shreve retired a batter.

What’s Next?

— It’s game two of this three game set, and the Yankees will face off against Lance McCullers Jr.. Jordan Montgomery will start for the Yankees. First pitch is at 7:05 p.m. and the game will air on WPIX 11.

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8 Responses to Yankees fall to Astros 3-2

  1. tom says:


  2. Dan M says:


  3. Jack says:

    Two on , nobody out in the sixth inning and the genius Girardi doesn't force the issue against a pitcher who dominates the Yanks . No bunt no hit and run no steal . Girardi is a terrible manager who never learns !!!

  4. buckeye balls says:

    no blame to girardi here-but very concerned about Ellsbury's legs-that pop up in the first inning was CF ball. And not scoring from 2nd on a two out ground ball single? announcers raving about throw but it was actually a little off line-he was out by a lot. If ellsbury's has lost his speed he's useless. He does have 8 steals but he looked slow on two critical plays. Good news is we are in every game we lose.

    • Did you see how far in the left fielder was on that final play? Once Ellsbury moved from 1st to 2nd, he came way in. I was actually shocked that it was so close. He should have been out by more.

      • tom says:

        fat man could nearly match Ellsbury there. Ellsbury was in front of batted ball that barely went out of infield and he was out at home plate by 2 feet? That is slow but Astros OF have been collectively one of best arm throwers in MLB.

        As for 1st inning pop out, Ellsbury should charge in completely but I can't sure whether or not he slowed down for Didi because this pop out was kind of classified as a shallow pop out. Not deep or velocity enough for Ellsbury to make a call.

        Still, I am looking forward to seeing Fowler or Frazier playing CF by September.

  5. tom says:

    No tv tonight for me. Damn. McCullers vs Monty game is potential to be one of best gems in 2017.

  6. gary b says:

    5 Reasons the Yankees will not Win AL East and probably not get into the playoffs . (Girardi Rothchild Cashman Pineda and CC) Maybe Pineda And CC should throw longer and harder in their pregame warmup on game day that they are pitching. They Get lit up hard and heavy in the early inning/s. They find a semi groove after 2 to three innings but by then it is out of hand. If a longer harder pre-game warmup still yields the same results maybe its time to dump them. As it stands now their starts/s in the rotation seem to be DL (Designated Loss) . Love the Yankees Hate On-Field mgr, pitching coach, GM and owners Go Yankees in spite of those idiots.

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