Yankees option Rob Refsnyder to Triple-A

After the Yankees and Cubs 18-inning affair on Sunday night, the Yankees decided they would need a fresh arm for their series against the Cincinnati Reds.

Prior to Monday’s game, the Yankees called up Chad Green from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. As a corresponding move, the Yankees sent INF/OF Rob Refsnyder to the minors.

The move to send Refsnyder to Triple-A is interesting to say the least. The Yankees are playing in another National League ballpark and sending Refsnyder down ends up shortening the bench. Also it’s not like the Yankees can use Adam Warren, Chasen Shreve and Jonathan Holder especially after they were pushed to their limit on Sunday. The good news is Green was slated to start tonight in Scranton, so he’d be available for long man work if Masahiro Tanaka is unable to give the Yankees length.

On another note, neither Aaron Judge or Starlin Castro are in the lineup. Girardi said it’s a day off for both players, but Judge is still beat up after falling into the stands against the Red Sox. Despite that, Girardi said the day off was planned and would have happened either today or tomorrow.

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9 Responses to Yankees option Rob Refsnyder to Triple-A

  1. Jim says:

    Really short bench tonight.

  2. Terry says:

    Really looking forward to seeing Green again, hope he gets into a game. In ST his velocity was down a little from where I remembered it last year. He's definitely got potential and the more good arms the better

  3. Dan M says:

    After last nights game I'm suprised Yankees only brought up Green. It's not like Chapman is gonna be available either after that 30+ pitch nightmare last night. Far as I can tell only releivers Yankees will have tonight would be Betances, Clippard and now Green. I also don't like sending down refsnyder, if anything I would've sent down Shreve and Holder and brought up Green and Mitchell, then call Shreve and Holder back up after this quick series with the Reds and then your bullpen would be rested and ready for the big series coming up with the Astros.

    • tom says:

      MLB rule won't allow that.

      • Dan M says:

        What rule would that be? I'm asking cause I'm honestly curious, not trying to sound condescending or anything.

        • tom says:

          10 day rule. Unless someone is put on DL, you can't recall a player you just opted back to minor league for 10 days.

          Mitchell was opted to Scranton on May 1 so he won't be available until 12th of May. Shreve and Holder would be stuck with AAA until 19th of May if you reassigned them today.

          • Dan M says:

            Oooooo that's right I forgot about the 10-day rule. Thank you for reminding me. Originally I thought you were saying that the Yankees wouldn't be allowed to make multiple call-ups/demotions at one time. Thank you for correcting my original comment, much appreciated.

  4. tom says:

    Really too bad that there is no Dodgers vs Yankees this year unless they meet in WS. Bellinger vs Judge sound intriguing.

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