Yankees vs. Astros pitching matchups 11

Thursday, May 11
Yankees: Michael Pineda (3-1, 3.12 ERA)
Astros: Dallas Keuchel (5-0, 1.88 ERA)
7:05 p.m.
T.V. / Radio: YES Network & MLB Network / WFAN

Friday, May 12
Yankees: Jordan Montgomery (2-1, 3.81 ERA)
Astros: Lance McCullers Jr. (2-1, 3.40 ERA)
7:05 p.m.
T.V. / Radio: WPIX / WFAN

Saturday, May 13
Yankees: Luis Severino (2-2, 3.40 ERA)
Astros: Mike Fiers (1-1, 5.64 ERA)
1:05 p.m.
T.V. / Radio: YES Network & MLB Network / WFAN

Sunday, May 14 (Mother’s Day / Derek Jeter Retirement Ceremony)
Yankees: Masahiro Tanaka
(5-1, 4.36 ERA)
Astros: Charlie Morton (4-2, 3.63 ERA)
7:35 p.m.
T.V. / Radio: ESPN / WFAN

11 thoughts on “Yankees vs. Astros pitching matchups

  • Jerry

    Tough series, if we can take 3 out of 4, I'd be real happy. We're in New York where we are playing great, so Astros won't be taking us lightly either. This should be fun. Especially if Pineda can take the first game, that's the big one. Beating their Ace who is off to a strong start. I like our chances with the next 3 games.

    • buckeye balls

      they can't touch the poodle-hopefully they can win games 2-4 but I'll take a split

  • tom

    Mitchell to start tonight for Scranton as Gallegos will join with the big club. umm..So Mitchell is no longer a reliever for Yankees this season? I hope so.

      • tom

        Sanchez, Judge, Goldschimdt and Holliday in the middle of the lineup? Sure, as long as they stay productive it is not a problem but visually eh!

  • buckeye balls

    where is all the goldschmidt talk coming from-is there a trade rumor out there?

  • hotdog

    Goldschmidt isn’t coming to the Yankees. Keith Law made a comment that the Yankees should go after Goldschmidt, that’s all.

  • tom

    Eric Thames signed with Brewers on Nov 29. (16m over 3 years)

    Matt Holliday signed with Yankees on Dec 7. (13m over one year)

    Chris Carter signed with Yankees on Feb 16. (3.5m over one year)

    I know nobodies saw that coming but damn Yankees would manage the luxury tax much better if they got Thames first and his steady production over the length of the contract).

    Imagine that. Cashman convinced the Boss not to sign David Ortiz because of Jason Giambi and now Yankees passed on Thames in favor of Bird. When it comes to power left handed player, Cashman should not involve any decision-making. lol.

    Still, where the f did Thames come from?

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