MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees interested in David Robertson

The Yankees bullpen has been the biggest problem spot for the team this year so it isn’t surprising to hear Jon Heyman, blogger for, reporting that they scouted the White Sox over the weekend and have some interest in reliever David Robertson.

Heyman reported that while the Yankees are primarily interested in Robertson, they may have been scouting third baseman Todd Frazier as well. Heyman added that the Yankees are more interested in upgrading at first base rather than third, but the Bombers could see Frazier fitting into that position instead of third.

D-Rob, of course, pitched for the Yankees from 2008 through 2014 with a career 150 ERA+ in 393.1 innings in Pinstripes. He hasn’t had quite the same success in Chicago, however, he is having his strongest season in the Windy City yet — a 2.70 ERA, a 12.7 K/9 and a 3.0 BB/9 over 33.1 innings.

Frazier, who has played 94 games at first base in parts of seven seasons in the majors, has only been slightly better than league average over the last two years. This season, he has a .207/.328/.432 line in 81 games.

Rob’s thoughts: It’s hard to see the Yankees giving up much for Frazier since he isn’t especially good. He’s also been tied to the Red Sox in trade rumors for some time now so I don’t see this happening at all.

As for D-Rob, well, that’s a little more likely since the Yankees are desperate for bullpen help at the moment. The cost for Robertson will be high which makes me think that GM Brian Cashman will hesitate here. While the temptation to go for it is always present for the Yankees, they are still in the middle of a rebuild and they look likely to hold on to their top prospects which may cost them an opportunity to actually land Robertson.

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7 Responses to MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees interested in David Robertson

  1. tom says:

    Bullpen is not one way from being a WS contender so expensive bullpen does not improve anything as it averts Yankees (luxury tax crap) from investing in upgrading rotation this off season.

    I can understand the need of Frazier in order to protect Sanchez and Judge' development but Castro and Holliday are active now. Leave 1B in the bottom of the lineup. I would go for it if Frazier were OBP machine and 2nd spot hitter.

    So, no to both.

    Anyway, how about managerial candidates for 2018? Start to develop some theory for this crap. I know it is really hard to identify one that would perform the job better than Girardi but I picked two candidates off NJ's March blog. Clint Hurdle and Ron Wotus. That is not enough. I need to get familiar more in that department. I am not interested in Tony Pena or Don Mattingly at all. Trey Hillman? Perhaps if his attitude improves.

    Pitching coach: I want Jim Hickey or Orel Hershiser or any first timer. Many veterans can't work with youngsters well so that is why I like to see a coach making first debut as PC. Right or wrong? Fudged if I knew.
    t, he continued practicing the same philosophy. Uh? Schmidt and Sauer are 3 years away from a cup of joe in major.

  2. gary b says:

    Yankee Ownership & GM are clowns. They don"t have squat for a starting rotation and let both Sale and Quintana sign elsewhere. They don't need another reliever they need starting pitching. Girardi along with his inept pitching coaches present a problem in and of itself. The Yankees do not "Play Baseball" (Bunt Hit & Run etc). They are one dimensional and it is catching up with them. They pull their infield "in" way to often and get burned ( Braindead Joe's decisions make a .240 hitter a .300 hitter) not to mention prolongs innings. I don't know if Sanchez calls his own game or if Girardi does but whoever does leaves a lot to be desired in regards to pitch selection. For being an ex-catcher Girardi has Sanchez (board hands/passed balls etc). That tells me that Girardi isn't doing his job as a mgr. Clean house and retain Pena as interim Mgr let him pick his own staff. Here's a thought for a pitching coach John Smolz (that guy knows baseball especially pitching (Doubt he would Leave Broadcasting) Another one could be Al Leiter (He might leave broadcasting). Time will tell but don't be surprised if clueless Joe and his henchmen (Along with ownership and Cashman) remain intact the Yankees will become more irrelevant as the season goes on. Love the Yankees!!!!

    • Jack says:

      Everything you said , I have also expressed many times over, however after I read some of these other blogs ,I shake my head and wonder if anyone realizes that all Yankee mgmt does is talk a lot of BS and never really does anything to improve the team . Hal, Cashman and Girardi talk a lot but nothing gets done. They keep telling us that they are going for it every year but 1 championship in 10 years is indicative of not doing enough. I for one am tired of all the BS

  3. Balt Yank says:

    I agree with Rob that trading for David R. doesn't make a lot of sense this year and that is one third-tier set up man. I am surprised the Yankees won't put Romine at 1B or Rob Refsnyder. Again, Rob Ref. can hit but whatever. Romine appears to be our future and present back-up C, so why not let him develop back-up 1B and his hitting? Why run loser retread rookies to 1B? Common sense really. The Yankees are moving in the right direction….

  4. Nunzio says:

    Who ever thinks Joe Girardi is clueless is half right the other half has to be his pitching coach, the GM has to believe he has the right pieces together, Girardi keeps his relievers out there to long , example Betances four walks in a row come on we are trying to get to the wild card , the only thing i see as a positive is the young that is being developed , as for Girardi and the pitching coach , along with the GM change is not always a good thing but sometimes things get old and a new set of upper echelon maybe as good as the new young guns and a new voice to go with it.

  5. Amir says:

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