MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees still ‘careful buyers’ looking for starting pitching

The Yankees made one of their biggest deadline deals in years on Tuesday when they sent four players to the White Sox in exchange for Todd Frazier, David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle. However, that doesn’t look to be the final deal. According to Meredith Marakovits, GM Brian Cashman still considers the Yankees to be, “careful buyers.”

“I’m going to stay engaged,” Cashman told Marakovitz. “We are going to remain careful buyers. We want to maximize our present while protecting future.”

With holes in the bullpen, and the first base position taken care of, the Yankees are expected to fix their biggest current issue — the rotation.

The Yankees need starting pitching help immediately, and in the future. Currently, the only starting pitchers who definitely have a spot on next year’s team are Jordan Montgomery and Luis Severino. Masahiro Tanaka can opt-out of the final three years of his contract, and CC Sabathia and the injured Michael Pineda are free agents.

There has been speculation that the Yankees could go after Justin Verlander, whose makes a ton of money on a team that isn’t expected to go anywhere. However, Jon Paul Morosi has reported that sources have told him that, despite the fact the Tigers are willing to eat some of Verlander’s salary, there is no indication that the Yankees are involved in trade talks.

Verlander, 34, has a 4.54 ERA, a 8.5 K/9 and a career-high 4.2 BB/9 in 117 innings this season. He’s also owed a whopping $28 million over each of the next two seasons.

It’s worth noting that before Jose Quintana was traded to the Cubs, the Yankees were going after him. “They were quietly deep in it,” according to Mark Feinsand. The Cubs dealt one of the best hitting prospects in baseball in that deal so it stands to reason that any trade the Yankees made would have involved Gleyber Torres or Clint Frazier and, likely, Blake Rutherford, who eventually went to Chicago.

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37 Responses to MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees still ‘careful buyers’ looking for starting pitching

  1. Jerry says:

    The only way I would take Verlander. Give them nothing and we pay only 10 million per year for his remaining contract.

  2. Howard says:

    How about heads up for Ellsbury?

  3. garyb says:

    Yankee fan for 67 yrs, it appears that the smoke and mirrors that Ownership Cashman & Girardi is throwing out to Yankee fans is working. Understand that until there is at least a change in mgr & all pitching coaches. Nothing will change and the slide to irrelevance will continue. Clueless Joe and his inept pitching coaches are literally and physically ruining Yankee pitchers. The Yankees mantra seems to be "Building for Next Year" guess what next year comes around and its the same BS. Girardi (Hal & Cashman's "Yes Man" should have been fired after the California June Swoon Debacle. Enough said. Yankee fans – as long as things stay state-quo – the Yankees will continue this embarrassing slide to being non relevant. GO YANKEES in spite of idiots running the Dog & Pony show. This morning Boomer Essian Nailed it in his evaluation of the Yankees current pathetic losing culture. (Which if not addressed will be all season long. )

    • Jack says:

      Agree!!!! Bean counter Hal, arrogant Cashman and by the book Girardi all should stop the BS and just say we will do just enough to keep our fans interest! One championship in how many years. Not something to brag about if you are the NEW YORK YANKEES. I have been a Yankee fan for over 50 years

      • pojack23 says:

        If you have been a Yankee fan for fifty years, then you must remember the longest drought in their history when they went from 1979 through 1995 without one under the George Steinbrenner win or else era.

    • ollie says:

      Well "Boomer" would know about losing cultures, playing for the Bengals and Jets. he always was a Ass. And I am a Bengal fan!

  4. drank the cool ade says:

    all I know is if the Yankees are all in how come yesterday clue less joe left montgomery in until he gave up six runs. He also lets his 30 homer 'kid' rest. How are you to win if if you manage like that?

    • Jerry says:

      One reason he left Montgomery in. It was only the 2nd inning. It was 3-0 and hoping the damage would stop there when he gave up the 3 run homer to make it 6-0. At that point, most likely a loss, we have games the next several days and to burn the bullpen at that point would be absurd. When maybe the next game, we'd need the pen to win a game….. My problem tonight: why isn't Clint in the lineup?

  5. Jerry says:

    And I'm hearing Cashman says, when Hicks comes back, Clint Frazier is going down. Unless Clint falls flat on his face between now and then, there's no way I'm sending him back down. Ellsbury is the one to go. Frazier is a spark for the Yankees, hustles his ass off and crushes the ball…. Just like in the spring, talking Judge not making the team and now this stupid talk. This is an obvious situation , Frazier stays and Cashman goes.

  6. tom says:

    Oh my god! Cubs have checked in for the Darvish opportunity. W-Sox passed on Yankees' Rutherford in favor of Cubs' Jimenez for Quintana sweepstakes. Cubs are light on prospect now so it would be very embarrassing for Yanks if Cubs got him.

    Trevor Cahill on target? 92 mph sinker that happens to strike out plenty in NL. Unless it is only Acevedo, I am going to pass on him.

    If Yankees were all for improving the rotation, they would have to make sure that SP can pitch thru 7 innings such as 7 ip 4 runs instead of 3 ip 3 runs like average youngsters. Cahill's last 100 ip plateau was 2014 so Big FAT NO. I don't care about trade details. Just no to him.

    Cole Hamels? I don't mind him but 22.5m next year stings. Rangers eat up a half for two strong prospects like Mateo and Adams? Considering Smith and Kaparielian had gone TJS, giving up Adams will bite big time.

  7. Waz says:

    Verlander is too old. Think young.

    • tom says:

      We have no choice. If Yankees want to push for playoff and could not land a legit veteran then Lance Lynn or Jhoulys Chacin may be better option.

      I like Lynn as a rotation ender. He really is a strong IP horse but he already is over 110 IP this year, the return of TJS. That may explain why his weaker velocity and alarming HR/9.

      I am okay with Chacin but IP length is not his forte. He reached 190 plateau twice. 2011 and 2013. He has 114 IP already. His groundball percentage this year is solid 52. His velocity gets better as season goes so that means we may have harder stuff out of him for a good 30-35 IP? Not enough but good gamble.

      Both will become FA after this season. Middling prospect(s) for either SP may be a better bargain if Cashman can't strike the deal that grants him a SP with controllable contract.

  8. tom says:

    OTT, Yankees have SS Jose Devers (Samana) and R-Sox have 3B Rafael Devers (Sanchez). Both cities in parenthesis are located in the same peninsula of Dominic Republic.

    Are they related or what?

  9. Balt Yank says:

    I don't think the Yankees should trade any more top prospects for starting pitching. I mean, we have right now Severino, Montgomery, Tanaka, and Sabathia. I think Mitchell or Warren or Chance Adams at Triple A can work. Cessa should be sent down; he's not ready yet. The off-season can be handled then. Ellsbury for a Sabathia like pitcher plus some Single A prospects is a smart move. We also have Wade at Triple A, and Castro at the MLB level, to trade this offseason and we don't need both.

  10. garyb says:

    Chalk up another loss to the ineptness of Clueless Joe And Brain Dead Rothschild. How can you justify leaving Tanaka or any pitcher in to get LIT UP HARD for Four runs in one inning The present manager and his pitching coaches continue to drag the Yankees downward . (One Step Forward Two Steps Back) LOVE the Yankees – Hopefully they can WIN in spite of "Frick & Frack" TIME will tell, but the team expends a lot of energy having to "Play Catchup" mostly because of "Frick & Frack's" ineptness. Tanaka should be shut down obviously there is something physically wrong with him. GO YANKEES

    • Jack says:

      It's time for a new manager and coaches . Miami got rid of by the book Girardi because he could not relate to their younger players. DUH . His BS is old and the Yanks need a new managerTen friggan years of his BS is enough

  11. tom says:

    Ellsbury is demoted to bench player. Don't get excited about it because once Hicks is active and struggles Ellsbury will be a starter once again with Frazier being opted to AAA.

    If being hot hands philosophy is true then Frazier or Hicks has to play 1B with Cooper going back to AAA. Good problem to have, eh?

  12. garyb says:

    Until Girardi and his Pitching coaches are gone the SLIDE will continue. Today's BS inning (The Mariner's 4 Run Beat Down) is all on Girardi and his equally incompetent pitching coaches. As long as those idiots (a modern day version of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs) are associated in any way with the Yankees the team will continue to flounder and sink further into the humiliating depths of irrelevance. If ownership doesn't fire them LOSING will be the acceptable NORM for the Yankees. *** 7/23/17 ***

    • hotdog says:

      We’ll have to see what happens over the next 3 season because Cashman and Girardi will likely be back with new contracts.

  13. OklahomaYanksFan says:

    Chad Green needs to start!!!

  14. Balt Yank says:

    I am not sure if Chad Green needs to start but I was surprised to see Caleb Smith start (?). Why not Brian Mitchell, considering he has pitched decently last year as a starter and is a potential starter. Cessa could replace Chad Green or Adam Warren in the bullpen? The strategy of stacking the bullpen cannot eclipse the starting pitching; that's a dead end; overuse will come. Having Killer B, Chapman, Robertson, Kahne in the bullpen should be enough really, plus either Warren or Green. Not sure why Shreve was demoted…..

  15. Otto says:

    It is so funny to see people bash Joe G and the pitching coaches. I think Joe G has lost his share of games with the way he has managed the bullpen. I love saying we should keep our prospects, unfortunately we can not because they are under the 40 man crunch this off season. They will end up with Sonny Gray and maybe Alonso before July 31st. Let's be realistic they can not keep everybody in their system. Nobody expected the Yankees to be in the position they are in this year. Nobody. To me it is like playing with house money. They could go for it, but is it worth maybe sacrificing some of the future pieces. Great Debate.

  16. Dan M says:

    I'm sure like everybody, that the rumors of Sonny Gray (and Yonder Alonso) could possibly be acquired by the Yankees in the near future. Personally this deal makes the best sense for the Yankees as no body expected the team to be this competitive, this quickly and Gray if acquired would be under team control for an additional 2 years after this season is over. In addition, I know the chances of this happening are slim to none but I love the idea of Justin Verlander wearing Yankee pinstripes, he's older and expensive but was runner-up for the CY Young award last year and I feel he could be fairly easy to acquire if Yankees picked up a chunk of his contract. However in return my hope would be for Detroit to take up at least a portion of Ellsbury's contract in swaping of bad contracts. Like I said this deal is slim to none chance of happening but it was just a thought. Trading for Gray is the smarter (and cheaper) deal for the Yankees to make if they were to choose and make it. Yankee future just continues to look better and better everyday haha.

    • buckeyeballs says:

      sounds like Mateo could be the snag in the deal. I wouldn't trade him and Florial for Gray. I heard Twins may move Santana, who is signed through 18 with club option thru 19. Probably cheaper than Gray in a trade and more reliable. Alonso doesn't do much-Headley is actually very good against righties and his overall OBA is quite high on the team. They need a righty bat to face Price Sale and Pomerantz at first-hopefully Cooper can do it.

    • buckeyeballs says:

      would not give up Mateo and Florial which sounds like the hold up right now

  17. Balt Yank says:

    It is a mistake to trade the prospects rather than just give them a shot. For instance, look at JUDGE, Frazier, and Sanchez right now, one killer hitter and two excellent pieces. Sonny Gray may or may not be a # 3 starter for us. Wait until the offseason. We have plenty of potential starters in Mitchell, Chance Adams (Triple A), and Warren. No to Cessa, no to Caleb Smith.

    • Dan M says:

      I agree, theirs obviously a limit as to what I'd consider a smart trade and a dumb trade. For one if a team said they wanted Torres, Frazier, Adams, Sheffield or even Fowler, I'd tell them to kick rocks cause those guys aint going no where. If the Yankees have an opportunity to gain a valuable asset that can help them now and for the next two years I'd make the deal especially for a pitcher like Gray who's shown that when healthy he could be a dominant 2 starter and possibly a 1 on other teams staffs. I'd hate giving up great looking prospects like a Florial or Mateo but where do they fit in the Yankees future plans? Judge definitely isn't going anywhere, Frazier has been great since being called up and has made Ellsbury the most expensive bench player in baseball and Gardner is having a career year, let's not forget about Hicks either before his injury he was fantastic as well. What about a couple years from now Judge will still be in right, Frazier will most likely have left field locked down and maybe a healthy Dustin Fowler will be roaming center. N let's not forget about the possibility of Harper when he's a free agent (though I would prefer the Yankees make Manny Machado an offer when he's a free agent, as opposed to Harper). So though Florial and Mateo maybe great prospects what's the point of keeping them if they have no place on the major league club? Their value at this point in time maybe more valuable as trade chips for the Yankees to bring in whatever they need most. I completely understand what you mean about giving the prospects a chance but you can't really give them a chance when they have no where to play.

  18. Balt Yank says:

    I do like trading Ellsbury for Velander and throw in Wade and Cessa.

    • Jim says:

      I could live with that trade. Verlander has 1 less year on his contract and Ellsbury is really a dead spot on the roster.

    • buckeyeballs says:

      not sure I'd throw Wade in that deal-Verlander plays in a hitters park-move him to Yankee stadium and the ERA can only go up

  19. tom says:

    I don't think any team will take Ellsbury this year. He may be moved in the upcoming offseason. Verlander for Ellsbury trade is a pipe dream.

    I believe Mitchell runs out of minor league options if true, Yankees will have to trade him some point. Bullpen is full and rotation is projected to fill up with veterans.

    I have two trades that you hate in the brainstorming pool.

    1) Ervin Sanatana (Twins) for Bryant Mitchell and Nick Green.
    2) Sonny Gray (A's) for Domingo Acevedo, Chance Adams and Estevan Florial.

    Pro –
    A) Santana and Gray's ability of 200 IP a season will provide some good fresh in bullpen.
    B) Neither's salary will exceed to 14m until 2019 (Gray).Without luxury tax penalty.
    C) Mitchell has a chance to stick in MLB for good as well as Adams' potential flyout tendency should work out in spacious parks.
    D) 5 starters consistency thru 2019 if Tanaka stays put otherwise 4 starters with Caleb Smith, Luis Cessa or Zack Littell battling out for 5th spot until Justus Sheffield, James Kaprielian or Clarke Schmidt is ready to roll.

    A) Santana and Gray may not be dominants you want to witness. 200 IPs and 4.30 ERA should be lowest points for them.
    B) Gray's right side ailment is big red flag.
    C) Losing Florial stings but if Yankees really want Gray then they have to give up him to beat other candidates.
    D) No room for Ace Yu Darvish.

  20. Jim says:

    Giving up Adams for Gray is a very bad idea. Gray is not a great pitcher and is probably a 3. Adams projects to a 3 or better. I'll take my chance on the better part.

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