Yankees trade Tyler Webb for Garrett Cooper

The Yankees have made a trade with the Brewers for minor league first baseman Garrett Cooper, who will report to Triple-A, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

Cooper is a 26-year-old right handed hitting first baseman who was never much of a prospect, but has an impressive .366/.428/.652 line in 75 games in Triple-A this season. For now, he’ll remain in the minors, but this gives the Yankees insurance in the event that Greg Bird returns and Ji-Man Choi doesn’t clear waivers, or if Bird doesn’t return and Choi struggles.

It should be noted that he played his home games in Colorado Springs this year which which has an elevation of over 6,000 feet which would certainly help his numbers. As expected, his home/away splits have been drastic — he’s hit .442/.503/.829 at home and .300/.359/.500 on the road.

Going to Milwaukee in the trade was left handed pitcher Tyler Webb. Webb is also 26-years-old and has put up impressive numbers in Triple-A this year — in 33.1 innings, he has a 3.24 ERA, a 12.7 K/9 and a 0.8 BB/9. He’s made seven appearances for the Yankees in the majors where he has been a bit underwhelming with a 4.50 ERA, a 7.5 K/9 and a 6.0 BB/9 in what is an extremely small sample size.

Rob’s thoughts: Giving up Webb for Cooper is not a huge move, but it does make sense for the Yankees. Webb isn’t much of a lefty specialist which doesn’t distinguish him from Chasen Shreve in a big way, and they can use the depth at first base considering what a disaster the position has been this year and the uncertainty of Bird’s return.

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29 Responses to Yankees trade Tyler Webb for Garrett Cooper

  1. tom says:

    I guess Tyler Austin will be out of picture. Oh well…

    I like Webb but Yankees have too many lefties in the system. I think it is good trade. Now, I am not sure about his power since he played in Colorado. Defense and OBP strengths?

  2. Jerry says:

    Looks like he's always been a pretty good hitter, and he is 6 foot 6, so not a little guy. I like the move. Who knows if Bird will ever be healthy. And we needed depth. Playing in Colorado may have helped his numbers, but it also will have helped his confidence. I'd stick him in as soon as possible. Maybe catch lightning in a bottle.

    • trasher says:

      I don't think he will be a big power guy, but could hit around .300 and play good D at 1B.

    • Jack says:

      Agree with Gerry. Yanks need more help to make a run. Pitching should be their top priority . Cubs going for it . Red Sox Tampa Bay going for it. Yanks better get going

  3. tom says:

    Yankees are currently sitting on 39 and now with Pineda being a candidate for 60 day DL. Perfect timing as Yankees will have 2 weeks to explore external veterans/prospects before handling final 2 spots to Rumbelow and Cooper on August 1st.

    I guess Yankees will have to add Monty to 25m immediately in Boston as if Pineda was lined up to start against Red Sox. Congratulation, Monty, you are now number 3 starter.

    How will Yankees deal with Holliday's availability against Frazier being AAA situation? Refsnyder will stay around as 1B insurance with Cooper in AAA. It surely sound like Frazier's walkoff HR means nothing. lol.

    Adams' chance in major imminent. I don't want to hear Mitchell, Cessa or Green's name. Full 2nd half season isn't a short term bs so give a permanent job to Adams, already.

    • tom says:

      My bad, I forget about double header games on Sunday. Cessa and Mitchell for this time and then Adams should take 5th rotation spot. Against Red Sox? *sigh*

  4. tom says:


    I was late but Yankees start 4 youngsters before veterans to kick off 2nd half. wow.

    Cooper and Holliday are in tonight and Castro will return tomorrow. You exciting?

  5. garyb says:

    The Yankees won't part with money for good available pitching (Think Sales Quintana) . The Real Contenders will continue to distance themselves from the Yankees. Ownership, Cashman & "Clueless Joe Girarda and his equally inept group of hitting and pitching coaches the Yankees will continue their spiral to irrelevancy. Love the Yankees but understand that by the end of this Boston series the Yankees could conceivably be anywhere between "tied for" or "eight games out" behind first place Boston. At some point inept managing and pitching decisions (such as those now occurring) if not addressed (wholesale firing) will continue. "The June Swoon" could morph into "2017 The Season Of Clowns and Idiots @ The Helm" GO YANKEES

    • Jack says:

      Agree with Gary. Beancounter Hal , Arrogant Cashman and Clueless Joe all gotta go! When the Yankees let Toronto blow past them a couple of years ago without making any good transactions at that trade deadline that ended the World Series or bust mantra Now this year they again have a chance to get in the playoffs but sadly all talk and no action I love the Yankees and hope they don't sit on their asses again

      • buckeyeballs says:

        disagree-they will never publicly say it but they aren't trying to win this year-the good start was fun and young guys are emerging. The disturbing part is the injuries. Pineda could have brought some prospects the way he was pitching before his arm obviously was hurting. Bird, Torres and Fowler could have been gaining valuable time, maybe Kaprielian too. I completely support their approach except sitting Frazier last night made zero sense to me, but its one game I think Girardi is conflicted but Hal and Cash are in sync. Best thing is they continue to lose and trade CC, Gardy and maybe Castro at the deadline-get more young arms-can't have enough.

        What is scaring me is the Ellsbury and hopefully its just a slump, the Chapman contracts. They are here to stay for a while and have to be better-
        2019 line up has the potential to be scary good without free agents-but we need pitchers to add to Monty and Sevy,

        1b-Bird 2b Torrres, SS Estrada or Mateo, 3b, Andujar-great infield-Maybe Didi survives but he's reached his upside in my opinion and will want a big contract
        C-Sanchez could be best hitting catcher in the game
        RF-Judge-possible MVP this year
        CF hopefully Fowler, Maybe Mateo or Rutherford
        Dh Ellsbury

        I wouldn't trade any of these guys for a chance to play a one game playoff with our pitching staff-and if you win that game, who matches up with Sale, Kluber or Keuchel?? no one

  6. Steve S. says:

    I don't think Cooper will be much. Historically these type of guys don't last long. I suppose the best we can hope for is a Shelley Duncan type run, which I guess wouldn't be terrible if it should occur. Like Jerry said, maybe catch some lightening in a bottle.

    • Jerry says:

      Except for the Scranton shuttle, the Yankees have been notorious for not bringing up minor leaugers. They usually take too long to bring them up. As for Montgomery, there were 3 days left before allstars, the Yankees sent him down to bring someone up that could help them during the 3 days. It was a clever move. And lastly, the rash of injuries that have overcome the Yankees left them no choice, but to reach down and bring up players. It's a 25 man roster and if 7, 8 or 9 guys are disabled, what were they to do? Where else would these players come from? What did the Yankees do to Fowler? They DH Judge often to preserve him or a day off and the fans freak. And once again, where is this scary great manager that is going to replace Girardi? I would have played Frazier last night, and never would play Headley near the top of the order. Those are a couple of my complaints. Stop worrying about winning this year, we are not good enough yet.

      • buckeyeballs says:

        agree completely

      • Jerry says:

        Frank,are you related to Roy? You sound like him.

      • Steve S. says:

        You can demand all you want. They're not ready to win yet. George Steinbrenner, after the Yankees success (mostly fueled by the genius of Gabe Paul) of the late 70's, gradually demanded the team into oblivion during the 80's. By the early 90's his demanding, impulsive madness had turned the team to ashes. If it wasn't for the Howie Spiro episode and Steinbrenner's subsequent suspension, there's a good chance the dynasty from 1996 to 2000 would not have happened. You don't demand anything. You build brick by brick by being patient. You don't impulsively go after the biggest names and sacrifice all the work that's gone into player development the past 4 or 5 years.

        • Steve S. says:

          I never said George didn't love the Yankees, but he was a deeply conflicted man who often did more harm than good. Take off your blinders.

          • Jack says:

            No blinders here!!! I will always respect what George did rescuing all Yankee fans from CBS ownership! You are the one with blinders on . Wake up ! George would have made sure Boston would not have gotten Sale and the Yankees would have been running away with the division.

          • Steve S. says:

            George did a great thing by buying the team, but his mania to win at all costs was killing the team. Just analyze the moves he made in the 80's. He gutted the farm system for aging veterans and tried to buy anyone and everyone. Have you forgotten what a dysfunctional organization they were in the late 80's and early 90's. If it weren't for his suspension and Gene Michael's firm and steady hand the late 90's dynasty would never have happened. You have conveniently forgotten how Yankee fans were ecstatic when Steinbrenner was suspended. His heavy handed ways turned the team into a laughing stock back then. After Michael put together a championship team of young home grown players combined with savvy veterans, the team prospered. The seeds for this renaissance were planted when Steinbrenner's heavy handed fingerprints lost a lot of their weight. You remember the good, but refuse to admit the bad. Cashman learned from this mismanagement. He won't let history repeat. If George were still in charge he would still be mortgaging the future for every new flavor of the month. I'm not saying that Chris Sale is not a great pitcher. Cashman made a value judgement and decided it was not time to go there.

          • Jack says:

            Yeah a value judgement that is why we have ONE lousy championship in the last TEN years I will say it again and again ,the beancounter Hal, arrogant Cashman and Clueless Joe gotta go

  7. garyb says:

    The Yankees WIN in spite of Girardi and Lose because of him and his knucklehead pitching coaches. In his 10yrs as Mgr the Yankees continue to underachieve and that will be the "NORM" as long as he is the Mgr. Don't forget the Yankees 2009 WS Championship team really was his in name only. The Yankees will continue to be lackluster as long as he is their mgr. Girardi. Cashman & Hal are whiners – not winners. Go Yankees!!!! Screw the aforementioned crybabies. Hopefully Judge will get out of his ASG HR Swing Mode and go back to his normal hitting approach. Maybe Joe and his coaches need to have their players out of the "GUM CHEWING COW CUD GRAZING MODE when they bat. (TOTAL CONCENTRATION / NOT DISTRACTION) . Same for pitchers when pitching. Hopefully Pineda's physical condition will have a silver lining. Bottom Line Love The Yankees !!!! Inspite of ownership, mgr, pitching coaches and GM.

  8. Jack says:

    Agree with Frank . I have been a Yankee fan for over fifty years . Second place has never been an option for true Yankee fans or the country. George would have Sale in pinstripes ! You so the math.

    • hotdog says:

      I’m surprised how well the Nats did today picking up Mason and Doolittle for a couple of decent but not 1-5 prospects. Yankees could have done that too. Not sure what’s up Cashman’s sleeve. Seems like we’re in no mans land with buying and selling.

      • hotdog says:


      • Jack says:

        Of course the Yanks could improve the team but Hal doesn't really want to spend money and Cashman wants very good players but offers nothing in return! As long as the fans keep showing up at the stadium and the Yanks are worth 3billion plus dollars Hal has no incentive to improve the team

  9. hotdog says:

    Choi looking good now.

  10. I had to delete a few comments because of name calling and (for no relevant reason) the comments started getting political. This is a warning. Anyone caught again will be banned for life from commenting at BBD. You have no first amendment rights here.

    Edit: I actually banned one person — Roy and Frank. It was one person posting as two people, who was insulting people and getting political for no apparent reason. Not everything has to do with Hillary Clinton, especially the Yankees.

  11. OklahomaYanksFan says:

    Think Bryan Mitchell and Chad Green could be solid starters down the stretch if we don't get anyone. Mitchell did well last night after he settled down and regained his composure against a good Twins team. Green has looked great in the bullpen and has excellent pitch selection. Chad Green has the stuff to be a starter. Cooper looks good at 1B and hit the cover off the baseball last night.

    Need to DFA and/or release Tyler Clippard…

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