Who’s hot in Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre; August 12, 2017 edition

Nick Rumbelow


Tyler Austin – 25-years-old, RF/1B, RHB – Since his return from the injury, Austin has done well in eight games. He’s 8/29 (.276) with a double and two homeruns since his return (.517 SLG). He also has three walks (.344 OBP, .861 OPS). That brings his season line to .310/.381/.577/.959 with six homeruns, 14 doubles, and three triples in 40 Triple-A games. He’s picked up right where he left off, and if a need arises he’ll be ready to contribute to the major league team.

Mason Williams – 25-year-old, CF, LHB – He’s not really in the outfield picture at this point, but he’s had a nice run for the past five games, going 8/23 (.348) with a walk and two stolen bases. He has 18 SB on the season, and he is a candidate to be placed on the 40-man roster to be a pinch runner when rosters expand. He’s also a candidate to be DFA when the season ends unless he catches fire to end the season.

Jake Cave – 24-years-old, OF, LHB – Cave has cooled off in his past 10 games, but it’s not like he’s in a slump (he’s still batting .268 in those games). He’s hitting .316/.364/.588/.952 with 18 homeruns, 24 doubles, and five triples this season. He’s having a monster year and has changed perceptions of the Yankees Administration. He’ll likely be added to the 40-man roster this offseason to prevent losing him. With the glut of outfielders the Yankees have between the majors and Triple-A, it’s gonna be hard to find a place for him, but after this season he certainly deserves a spot.

Billy McKinney – 22-years-old, OF, LHB – Speaking of players who have resurrected their value, Billy McKinney is another. He has continued his hot play into the last 10 games, where he’s hitting .289/.307/.684/.991 with four homeruns and three doubles in that span. Something seems to have clicked for him on June 13th, when he completely turned his season around. Since then, he has taken his average from .206 to .280, and has hit 13 homeruns in 50 games. His season line is now .280/.348/.519/.867, and he has put himself back on the prospect map, and possibly back in the top 100 prospects. He’s another who will probably be added to the 40-man roster, and the Yankees might have to find a way to get him at bats next year if he continues to swing the bat this well. If not, they could always get big value for him in a trade.

Miguel Andujar – 22-years-old, 3B, RHB – Andujar continues to swing a hot bat. He is 12 for his last 40 (.300) with three walks (.349 OBP), two doubles and a homerun (.425). On the season he is hitting .314/.350/.505/.855 with 33 doubles, a triple, and 14 homeruns. He has been awesome this year, especially for a third baseman. If he can clean up a few things on the defensive end, he could be a cheap replacement for Todd Frazier next season and possibly be a heavy bat at third base. He too is knocking on the door of the top 100 prospects.

Caleb Smith – 26-years-old, LHP – Major league debut aside, Smith has been hot for his last 10 appearances in Triple-A. He has 66 K and a 1.86 ERA in his last 10 games over 58 innings. At this point, it is my belief that he is at least a major league reliever, with the possibility to start if needed. My best guess is that he is a member of the bullpen next season.

Chance Adams – 23-years-old, RHP – Adams has been one of the most consistently awesome pitchers on the farm. He’s probably the best pitcher this farm has to offer. Over his last 10 games he has 52.2 innings pitched, a 2.22 ERA, and 44 K. He’s still struggling a bit with the strike zone, but that may be because he is still experimenting with new pitches. For him to be this successful while experimenting is extremely impressive. I expect him to be ready early on next year for the majors, and he might even start the season in the major league rotation. If not, he’ll be up with the first injury. He’s gonna be an exciting arm to watch once he hits the majors. On the season he’s thrown 128.1 innings, has struck out 120 while walking 50, and has a 1.96 ERA. Hopefully they can build up his innings the rest of the way so he can take on a big workload next season.

Luis Cessa – 25-years-old, RHP – He has quietly been one of the best pitchers on the farm over his last six starts. He’s thrown 33.1 innings, walked seven, and struck out 37. He seems to struggle in the majors whenever he gets called up, which could mean he’s a AAAA type. Hopefully he can take the next step and become an effective major leaguer soon.

Domingo German – 25-years-old, RHP – After a brief cameo in the majors where he more than held his own, German has come back down to Triple-A and dominated. On the season, he has a 2.93 ERA with 95 K in 86 innings, while walking 25. He has thrown a total of 96.2 innings this season including the majors. Over his last 10 games he has been consistent, with 57 K in 53 innings, and a 2.89 ERA. He’s another one who will compete for a spot in the rotation next season, but he’s already shown he can be useful in the bullpen if that falls through.

Ben Heller – 26-years-old, RHP – Heller has been hella consistent this season (see what I did there?), even in his major league cameo. On the season he sports a 2.87 ERA, a .179 average against, and 66 K : 17 BB in 47 innings pitched, with 2.1 additional scoreless innings in the major leagues. I don’t know when he will become a permanent fixture in the Yankees’ bullpen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was next season.

Giovanny Gallegos – 25-years-old, RHP – Aside from his major league cameo, where he struggled mightily, Gallegos has let up just one run in his last 14 appearances in Triple-A. Over his last 23.1 innings, he has 35 K : 3 BB and a 0.389 ERA. He has clearly mastered the minors, and it’s just a matter of him translating that into major league success.

Nick Rumbelow – 25-years-old, RHP – Few have had more success limiting runs in the minors than Nick Rumbelow this season. Since returning from injury, he has 31.2 innings and a 0.85 ERA. To go along with that, he has just eight walks, 35 K, and a .147 average against. Those numbers are dominant. The only question is whether the stuff is back. If it is, he’s a surefire major leaguer, maybe even a September call-up.

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15 Responses to Who’s hot in Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre; August 12, 2017 edition

  1. tom says:

    If Yankees presumably secured the playoff spot then I would expect Ellsbury as 4th OF with PR duty. So unless anyone is hurt, Williams won't be there for that role.

    I would want to add Cave to 40r simply because of lefty CFer with pop but I can see Yankees trade him away at last minute. Yankees have Gardner, Ellsbury, Hicks, Red Frazier and Wade on 35m roster that can play CF. Get something better than 25/50k out of Cave.

    McKinney may be next Higgy. Yankees may have to add him simply because of wake up power. I think I should add him in case of Bird keeping hurt himself. Convert him to 1B if problem at 1b persists. Yankees already acquired 2 righty 1B with solid defense in the system via trades. Speaking of top 100, does it sound you are sold that his power is real?

    Smith and German definitely belong to bullpen. I don't like Smith as a starter as his slider becomes pathetic as he goes deeper in a game. 1-2 ip would be suitable for his slider. German's mechanic is too much to be a regular starter. Using his nasty stuff in bullpen will make well dividends.

    Gallegos- every time I watched him throw slider I always thought it was curveball. Whatever, he must improve breaking balls to be efficient in MLB. His fastball for MLB is good but hitters will always sit on FBs against him. I think he is a good candidate to be traded for a lower prospect or cash. Trade him to A's to get Zittell back. lol.

    Heller… I watched him pitch early and late this season. I notice when he lowers velocity on FB from 98ish to 92ish he locates fb very well. I don't know if he sticks with that or generates up to his normalcy in long term.

    Labelling Cessa as 4A hurts but he has to pitch better than that. 95 heater with nasty change can give him a MLB career.

    I actually count on Rumbelow being promoted up to Yankees next month. Either that or he is a goner after this season.

  2. Balt Yank says:

    McKinney is 22 and converting him to 1B is a good suggestion. Bird had a good 25% season over two years ago and he is a question mark for next year.

    • hotdog says:

      i think he’ll be in competition for a job next spring…hopefully the Yankees will figure out what to do with 1st and 3rd base…they could really use a good bat in the lineup…i’d like to see Andujar competing for a spot next year as well…

  3. hotdog says:

    the Yankees could use some better pitching prospects especially starters…they got rid of some good ones at the trade deadline…hopefully they can pick up a couple guys from the free agent pool over the next couple of years…we have much better position player imo even with the loss of Rutherford, Fowler and Mateo…

  4. Balt Yank says:

    I can see Andujar at 3B and Headley at 1st next year unless someone takes it (Bird, Tyler Austin). First base is a good place to pick up a free agent as well. However, it may be worth keeping Headley if 1st B / 3rd B are rookies.

    • thomaas says:

      I don't see the Yankees going into the free agent market because they are trying to get under the tax. Maybe if Tanaka opts out.

      • tom says:

        He said a couple from FA pool, not top FA. Yankees could use those FA to bolster bench only. Not expensive ones, of course.

        • buckeyeballs says:

          eric hosmer is the guy-the pitching is set for next year with adams replacing CC and certainly no room for pen signings. Hosmer makes sense-great glove and a true 3 hitter we need who isn't all or nothing-trade elssbury and gardy, maybe paying some salary and we can be under lux tax-then mckinney and Cave can get a shot with frazier and fowler for the 3rd and 4th spots in the OF

  5. Steve S. says:

    With all these really good prospects, it's hard to keep up with everybody. Nestor Cortes has been very, very good this year. He's moved up the ladder nicely all the way to Scranton. I just noticed he was very good again today. In fact, he's even more efficient at Scranton than he was at Trenton and he was very good there. There's another guy that I'm intrigued with and I've been following lately. Pablo Olivares. He recently got promoted from Pulaski to Charleston. He's a skinny 19 year old outfielder with zero power so far, but from the look of things he could turn out to be a very good average guy. I may be jumping the gun on him, but he looks interesting.

    • tom says:

      He is supposed to be a base stealer, not at least gap power hitter. If you plan to stick with him all the way then you should pay attention on his all kind of base skills to recognize whether or not he is a starting potential. By base skills, I mean hittability, steal jumper, 2 bases speed on next batter's hit, so go on. Have a fun scouting this kid.

    • buckeyeballs says:

      Cortes has great numbers-never mentioned so I guess he doesn't throw hard enough

      • Greg Corcoran says:

        He doesn’t throw hard. It doesn’t mean he won’t be a good major leaguer, but his prospect status is tenuous for that reason.

  6. tom says:

    I honestly don't appreciate the 13 pitchers on 25a at all. What a stupid plan. A lack of lineup balance is killing us.

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