Joe Girardi out as Yankees manager

That’s not what you want, if you’re Joe Girardi.

The Yankees announced on Thursday morning that they will not bring Girardi back for next season.

Definitely a bit of a shock. I mean, just yesterday I wrote that it seemed unlikely that he would leave and wondered who could even replace him if he did. Perhaps the Yankees thought that the kids could have been handled better? Gary Sanchez comes to mind. Or maybe they didn’t like the way he handled the bullpen…details will probably come out in the next few days.

Anyway it’s done. Who is going to replace Girardi? There is no George Steinbrenner around to abuse the managers, but with intense media pressure it’s still not the right job for just anybody. On top of that, any candidate will have to balance championship expectations with developing a lot of young players. Not an easy job.

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27 Responses to Joe Girardi out as Yankees manager

  1. gcorcoran says:

    I am ambivalent to this decision. I think Girardi showed he is not perfect during the playoffs this year. I also think he has had trouble being patient with young players in the past. On the other hand I enjoyed his data-based approach to coaching. I don't think there are too many coaches out there who will beat him in terms of preparation or data. On the other hand, I think there are a lot of coaches out there with better instincts than Joe. Every coach has things that suck about them, and Girardi is no exception. Overall I'm not upset with his departure, but I'm not celebrating it either.

  2. tom says:

    I forget about Dusty Baker. He is the veteran who loves to ride everything out.

    New faces are welcome. If Yankees actually go cheap on everything then I can see Jay Bell as next manager.

  3. Bomber4life says:

    This was clearly a knee jerk reaction. There is nobody out here to replace the experience of Joe Girardi. Seriously? Bad timing.

  4. Jerry says:

    I can't imagine the Yankees just let go of Girardi without some kind of plan. Like a thought about who they might like to have. It took 10 for the Yankees to figure out Girardi is too intense . I'm disgusted, I know Girardi wasn't perfect, yeah the non review. Don't you wish the umpire made the right call to begin with. I don't remember the umpire catching any flack about it. WOW, I can't wait to see who this scary great manager is going to be, and of course I'll hope he's successful, but right now I just don't get it. I liked the stability Girardi brought. I'm suspecting they will go with a young, but untried gentleman, can't wait!!

  5. Jack says:

    Some people would have you believe after you read their posts that clueless joe is the only person in the world who can coach the Yanks. These so called intelligent people are imbeciles. No one is irreplaceable . I say 10 yrs 1 championship is ENOUGH! Hal showed me some balls and I agree with him 1000%

    • Jerry says:

      Look in the mirror before you refer to any poster as an imbecile. These are opinions and yours has been the same every post. Hopefully the Yankees don't eff things up, but if they do you'll be the first one to criticize. Girardi has had 10 winning seasons in a row, how many other managers have done that. You're not going to like the next guy, he'll be young and analytical similar to Girardi, sabremetrics and such, no more Casey Stengel.

      • Jack says:

        Type Gerry, I am entitled to my opinion and I have never liked clueless joe and I am glad he is gone . As for you your opinion I could care less. The Yanks could do a lot worse then Casey. I also could care less about your love of Girardi and his 10 winning seasons . ONE lousey Championship. I think you better take a long look in the mirror and if the shoe fits, see if you can figure out the rest , genius!!!

  6. hotdog says:

    I wasn’t a Joe Girardi fan but he did bring the team to the 7th game of the ALCS this year. And although he lost that game, the team was at least a year ahead of schedule imo. I don’t know why you shake up the team when clearly it’s heading in the right direction. The 2017 squad had a lot of chemistry with Girardi. Doesn’t give me faith in upper management.

    • Jack says:

      I have read a lot of info on this. When you are not doing what your boss wants you to do, what do you think is going to happen. He also has a history of rubbing management and players the wrong way. Again I say good riddance.

      • Jerry says:

        Yet somehow he remained for 10 years, you rub other posters the wrong way, yet you remain. Who Jack would you like to see manage this team. And a reminder, Casey Stengel is deceased.

        • Jack says:

          The manager of the tripleA team , last name is Pedrique. He has won at every level that he's managed and has already coached a lot of the young kids on the major league roster

      • hotdog says:

        great, so Brian Cashman should be in the dugout now. You really don’t need a manager I guess, you need a robot.

        • tom says:

          If Yankees are gunning for someone that may manage the team for 10 plus years then 40-45 years old may be ideal. It won't be easy. Jose Espada will turn 43 years old in August.

          Raul Ibanz (45/46) and Josh Paul (42/43) are only two guys so far I know of. umm. I root for Paul because he was a MLB catcher. I like a catcher turning into manager kind.

          Cashman's favorite dude is Tim Naehring, 50 years old. umm.

  7. tom says:

    Pedrique? I think it is safe to say that he has been on a black list since he walked Bonds every time he stepped in a batter's box in order to avoid witnessing 700th HR in Phoniex. It was in 2004.

    Move on.

    • Jack says:

      Are you kidding me , he walks bonds in Phoenix so they didn't get to see #700, 13 years ago that is laughable. I seem to remember a major league mgr walked bonds with the bases loaded so he would not beat him. I think it was Buck Showalter.

      • tom says:

        Buck walked Bonds with bases loaded in order to win a game during Diamondbacks' first season in MLB. That was 1998.

        Al? 7 free passes (1 HBP) were given to Bonds in 2004, the year Diamondbacks ended up at 51-111. In September, the team measly had 40 something when facing Giants.

        So.. Nope.

        • Jack says:

          SO WHAT? This is your reasoning to discount Pedrique from consideration. Get a life

          • tom says:

            Not my reason. However, the major reason is I don't want anyone of your choice to run Yankees. Thank you.

          • Jack says:

            Tom you are probably a Red Sox fan and you are an insufferable bore whose opinion means absolutely nothing to me so go write to someone else who will eventually tell you the same thing

          • Jerry says:

            Jack, you're kind of a wise ass, who can't get his opinion across without belittling someone. What's your problem? Your man Pedrique is 57. The Yankees have stated, they want someone younger, not older than Girardi. And you are the bore my little man.

          • Jack says:

            Jerry , you first thought that Pedrique was an interesting choice. Second I haven' t heard Cash say anything about age being a prerecquisite for the next manager. It appears that you do not practice what you preach by calling me the bore my little man.

          • Jerry says:

            Enough Jack

          • Jerry says:

            I didn't realize he was 57

  8. gcorcoran says:

    Tim Naehring said no. Apparently Cashman wants someone who is more analytic and also relates and communicates to the players better than Girardi. That doesn't necessarily mean younger, but one would think that the younger options would be more likely to have the qualities Cashman is looking for.

    • tom says:

      Chicken. lol.

      How about telling Ross Ohlendorf to stop playing baseball and start to manage?

      Rob Thomson is almost a lock? He has been with Yankees for a whopping 28 years. Jesus! I am very curious about how will he run the team under his own strategy.

    • hotdog says:

      It seemed that Girardi had a strong bond with his players. I’m not sure what Cashman means when he speaks of relating and communicating better. My understand is that there were some issues with Sanchez but what manager doesn’t have an issue or two. It was hard for me to relate to what Cashman was saying and I was more surprised that Cashman would make that public. It almost sounds like an excuse for firing him. Maybe the communication problems weren’t so much with the players but something entirely different.

      • Jerry says:

        Sanchez has publicly praised Girardi. No question the problem was between Girardi and Cashman. And even if there is a problem with 2 or 3 players, that's not unusual, no manager can keep every player happy. That's starts in Little league. When someone doesn't play as much as they like, " this manager sucks" . We'll see what happens, but this team will be good enough to cover up a new manager and his mistakes.

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