The Yankees tied the series and are headed back to Cleveland

And Luis Severino totally redeemed himself. 7 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 9 K. Not bad. Tommy Kahnle deserves credit for the way he nailed down those final six outs — five K’s, he was unreal.

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8 Responses to The Yankees tied the series and are headed back to Cleveland

  1. Jerry says:

    Boy, did Kahnle show us something. I'm looking forward to him pitching again. And the confidence, himself and all of us will have in him coming into the game. Another powerful weapon. As for Severino, he pitched like Severino pitched all season and we will see him pitching in a few more days. This would really help Girardi get past his egregious performance the other night. And no matter what happens, I'm a Girardi fan and Cashman and always have been.

  2. Jerry says:

    5 wins away from the World Series, the Yankees are!

  3. Mike Paciello says:

    Being a lifetime Yankee fan living in NH, it was a great day to see the Yanks win and the Sox go down!! Though, I was rooting for a Yankees/Sox ALCS. Severino did pitch a great game, but there were obvious ebbs and flows in his performance. When he was on, he was dead on. But at least once or twice, he seemed to lose focus. I suspect this is inexperience. Kahnle excelled and saved the rest of the bullpen for tomorrow nights game — an absolutely fired up performance. I loved watching both of them come off the mound, totally psyched by their end of inning session!

    Judge needs to swing at more first pitch strikes. Everyone is trying to get him in the hole out of the gate. If he swings, and misses, he's know worse off then taking the strike. If he connects — ALL RISE!! 😉

  4. tom says:


    What the SERIES!!! Astros are tough but Yankees surely exceed the great expectation this year.

  5. Jerry says:

    4 wins away from the World Series 👎

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