The Yankees were down 0-2 in the 2001 ALDS

When this happened and the Yankees eventually rallied back to win the series.

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8 Responses to The Yankees were down 0-2 in the 2001 ALDS

  1. Jerry says:

    Win this game and we're only down 2-1. We beat the crap out of Kluber, maybe the best pitcher in Baseball, certainly one of the best. The Yankees can still win this series.

  2. Bomber4life says:

    Let’s go Yankees!

  3. gary b says:

    No matter the outcome of this year . Girardi & His Pitching Coaches as well as Cashman need to be gone. They are absolutely just a dog and pony (smoke and mirrors) regime. (Sonny Gray Jamie Garcia – Really??) Joe Girardi because of his ineptness continues to personally destroy the team's ability to win. I love the Yankees but as long as Cashman and his red headed step child Girardi are around it will be the same old Crap different flies different day. In regards to Torreyes (he didn't lose game 2 – that is squarely on Girardi & Rothschild). The reality is that Sabbathia & Torreyes are probably the biggest reason the Yankees are even in the Playoffs . Bottom line Girardi and Rothschild's arrogance & eneptness will forever keep the Yankees in "Runner Up Mode" Baseball is a simple game Play Baseball quit micro-managing. GO YANKEES in spite of the "in house-ineptness" I hope all Yankee Fans understand that this team usually Wins in spite of Girardi and Loses because of him. That is his legacy and impact on this team. GO YANKEES !!!!!!

    • Cashman deserves executive of the year. He managed to hold on to his top 4 prospects, but still managed to add two quality relievers in Robertson and Kahnle, and a decent bat in Todd Frazier plus Sonny Gray. And i'm not sure what your problem with Gray is. He had a 3.72 ERA in 11 starts. That's not bad. Garcia was their 6th starter and they gave up nothing for him. Not bad as far as insurance goes.

      And this team is no where without those trades. Solidifying the rotation was important, but Robertson and Kahnle make that bullpen a real beast.

      I have to say, you're pretty off the mark as far as Cashman hate. Not deserved at all

      • Steve S. says:

        For the past three years or so, Cashman's been great. Before that, not so much. He took a lot of the blame when the farm system was a mess. Now that the farm system is one of the best, he deserves credit for overseeing it. He's made some very astute trades the past two or three years. Before that, plenty of blunders, but I'm not sure if George's fingerprints were on some of the earlier ones as well.

  4. Jerry says:

    Talk about the same old crap!!!

  5. Wallenberg says:

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