Yankees come back to beat Indians in ALDS

I have to admit, I counted the Yankees out after they went down 0-2. Turns out the Indians were severely overrated. They had injuries, but no depth, they were sloppy and Corey Kluber committed one of the all-time great choke jobs. Guys like “Sir October” Didi Gregorius picked up guys like “15 Strikeouts” Aaron Judge. The Yankees are a well rounded team and their depth showed in this series.

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5 Responses to Yankees come back to beat Indians in ALDS

  1. Jerry says:

    Bring on the Astros!!!

  2. Nunzio says:

    Yankees came back like Franconia came back on the yankees being down three games with the Red Sox ….. " dejuvue" all over again how sweet it is.

  3. buckeyeballs says:

    unbelievable-didn't think after 2-0 they would come back. And a lot of guys didn't hit. They can beat the Astros

  4. Jerry says:

    I'm picking the Yankees in six games!! Tanaka and Severino are brilliant in their starts. Gray, more than holds his own and the same with Sabathia in his start. Judge hits three home runs to break out of his slump , the bullpen is phenomenal. Oh, and Didi has two more homers. … The Yankees are waiting to see who wins in the National league.

  5. Javier says:

    Sera una bonita y pareja serie contra los Astros de Houston por convertirse en campeon de la liga americana y ganarse el boleto a la Serie Mundial 2017.

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