Cashman: Torres can win job in camp, Ellsbury to compete for spot, Green to the rotation

The annual GM meetings are taking place this week. Erik Boland caught up with Yankees GM Brian Cashman, who shared some thoughts on next season:

Remember that this is the guy that said Bubba Crosby was going to be the Yankees starting center fielder, and then turned around and signed Johnny Damon. This is the plan…for now. Trades can and will change these things.

As of right now, Clint Frazier and Miguel Andujar are completely blocked unless Jacoby Ellsbury and/or Starlin Castro are traded. The Yankees also seem pretty willing to bench Chase Headley in the final year of his contract. Chad Green is in the rotation for now, but I suspect similar to Adam Warren (who does this ever year), the Yankees are just keeping their options open.

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21 Responses to Cashman: Torres can win job in camp, Ellsbury to compete for spot, Green to the rotation

  1. lgmofield says:

    Really Hicks , his stats say he is a great 4th OF and a terrible ( hitting) everyday player.
    Ellsbury until he hit the wall for a concussion was having a decent year , was rushed back into action before complete recovery and September showed us he was recovered and Ellsbury was then benched for Hicks in the playoffs and other than the WC game playoff was none existent.
    Green's stats as a starter were not impressive in 2016 or 2017. If you remember Girardi used Elssbury ( who never hits well as a DH) , Holiday( Mono did him in tajes months to recover not weeks) and Headley until he went with Headley finally which he should had played what got them there.Ellsbury in CF and Headley at DH and matchup against certain LH pitchers.
    Betances would be abused then not used for 4 games and then have trouble with location.Goose said he has to be used because of his mechanics even in the blowouts to keep sharp.Maybe next manager will be smart enough to look at stats . Noticed the difference in the Astros and Yankees is when the runner needed advancing they gave up the big swing and went with the pitch. Gotts install this and Judge and Sanchez could had even better years if they hit them 5th and 6th like they were in May and killing the ball.

    • Jack says:

      Agree with what you said. I am not a big fan of Hicks and would like to see Yanks trade him , Gardner, Ellsbury to open up the outfield for Frazier , McKinney and others.

  2. Terry says:

    I like having Green compete for a starting spot. You could see that just before his arm trouble, he began to figure out how to pitch at the ML level. I was worried about his velo in ST but the pen helped him get it back quickly. Can’t wait to see him in ST. As for Chase at third, I’m out. GT? I’d rather see a trade of Castro and put him at second. I know we won’t but I’d rather see Cash sign a 3rd basemen and let Andujar develope more. We were only a hair off winning the division and less from going to the WS. Two moves will put us right there. A legit bat at 3rd and the emergence of another strong starter. We lost the final two in Houston because we didn’t score runs. Don’t get me started on Holiday vs EE from last year. Holiday was holiday and EE was EE. To all you analytics people, EE going to hit 35+ again this year. We’re so close, I hope we go for it and not wait out more contracts for the “future “

  3. Jerry says:

    Look, I love having plenty of starting pitching, but with Green maybe becoming a starter, hopefully signing Ohtani, and maybe resigning Sabathia, along with Severino, Tanaka, Gray and Montgomery, that's 7 starting pitchers. …as for Hicks, we all know Cashman loves him. he's a good solid player, but no stud. I would love to see Clint Frazier win an outfield position. He brings tons of energy, speed and pop in his bat. …. and Terry, Holiday was having a great year until the mysterious illness knocked him for a loop. He's was on a pace for 30 and 100. EE, I'm assuming Edwin Encanarcion, you love those initial abbreviations, was a lot more money and years and the Yankees didn't want to go that route….. and Chad Green was an absolute stud last, I wouldn't mess with that. And yes if we are giving Torres a shot at 3rd, which I love. We should also give Frazier a shot in the outfield…..LGY….. let's go Yankees!!

    • Steve S. says:

      Man, I agree with you about Hicks. Nice 4th outfielder, nothing more. If he plays every day he will revert to what he is. A hitter will a .250 ceiling who would likely hit lower with not enough power to offset the low average. The love affair with him is a mystery to me. Cashman's ego maybe. I'm not even sure he'll hit enough to be called a solid player. My big thing is to trade Castro to get rid of some of the logjam. He's a nice player, but really only average if that, in the field. He can do some offensive damage, but a right handed pitcher will brains should be able to neutralize him. I always liked Green's live arm and was rooting for him to be the 5th starter last year. What he did in the pen though was a revelation to me any everyone else. I would leave him there, but let's see how the spring plays out. Yes, Frazier should get a shot. Still don't know what they have there, but he's young and could grow into a really good player.

      • Jerry says:

        That's the thing, let's play Frazier an extended period of time and see what we have. Just like Judge and Sanchez, this year it will be Torres and Frazier, again we don't know until we try. And Steve I thought Chad Green was easily our best relief pitcher. I know Green would prefer to start, most pitchers do, but this is why we all know who he is and the rest of the league too. I really hope to sign Ohtani, when we signed Godzilla and then Tanaka, crazy excitement. I can't even imagine Ohtani wanting to go anywhere else.

  4. Steve S. says:

    I'm with you Jerry when it comes to Otani. He could help in so many ways. The thing is, he's only 23 and barely scratched the surface of his abilities. The place will go wild if he comes here. The fact that Tanaka is still here should be a major plus in his recruitment. Regarding the outfield, I heard John Harper say he hasn't played there in a few years. I wasn't aware of that. I hope they give Frazier a decent shot. But if they keep everyone else around, it will be hard unless Hicks falls on his face or Gardner is still here and badly regresses. They feel Torres is more of a sure thing and I agree. Like Cashman said, if he has a good spring they'll plug him in every day.

  5. tom says:

    Yankees have no manager so we won't know for sure. The point is that as usual Yankees are open to everything.

  6. tom says:

    Ah smash! MLBN sent out the trade alert ticker on TV. Because my eyes are not that good I really thought it was Chase Headley. Damn Ryon Healy.

  7. Jerry says:

    We are on the precipice of some great years in front of us. Any bashing of Girardi at this point is absurd and totally disrespectful. …. Steinbrener, Hal, saying even if they won the World Series, Girardi still would be let go. Probably the most moronic quote I've ever heard. WTF. Yankee fans are feeling really good about this team and now we are dealing with no manager and the circus around potential managers. Then the buffoon Hal making stupid remarks. Just shut up, show some class. Apparently Cashman has been in Hals ear for quite some time, disparaging Girardi. Maybe Cashman doesn't want Girardi to get any credit for winning at this point. Credit can only point to Cashman. Why do we need this bullshit right now. Leave Girardi alone, … I wonder if Cashman and Hal were rooting against the Yankees to get to the Series and certainly if they got there, hoping they would lose. Thus making it easier to let Girardi go.

    • What did they say that was so disrespectful? He just said that they let him go because they wanted a manager who communicated better with the players. The remark about the WS is just more evidence that they (Steinbrenner and Cashman) don't really care about small sample sizes. You're talking about the difference of 5 wins.

      They wanted this team, which could be in place for a decade, to have a guy in charge who can connect with them. Nothing wrong with that. It's not like they did what Boston did when they fired Terry Francona. Now that was straight up disrespectful, lowlife shit.

  8. Jerry says:

    To me it sounds like they were the ones that did not communicate to Girardi what they were feeling. They keep talking about communication, but seems they were guilty of the lack of communication…. and to say we would have let him go even if the Yankees won the Series. We all know how hard it is to win the series, you have to win so many rounds and then the series. Incredibly difficult. And a difference of 5 games after you have played 175 games. … And looking at the potential candidates for the managerial position is not calming.

  9. Jack says:

    Girardi was let go by the Marlins because he did not communicate with their young players and now it has happened again with the Yankees. Girardi had a great run 10 years is an eternity for a major league manager. I support Hal and Cashman in this decision. Both Cash and Hal know more then we ever will about what's going on with the Yankee ball club .

  10. Jerry says:

    Girardi also was named manager of the year when with the Marlins. And the Marlins organization has always been in disarray. Look, I'm a fan of both Cashman and Girardi, I'm just thinking they screwed the pooch on this. And without a doubt they know more about what's going on, I just don't think they are being up front about what's going on. And yes 10 years is a great run, but rocking the boat at this point doesn't make sense. Don't forget Judge and Sanchez, both had some of the best rookie years ever under Joe Girardi. IF communication was a problem, so what. …oh maybe Judge would have hit 75 homers and Sanchez 50 home runs. I don't think so.

  11. Jack says:

    Perhaps the Yanks are not telling the whole story so as not to embarrass Joe. Hal and Cash were Girardi's boss and in all jobs if the boss doesn' t like what you are doing you are history. I think everyone should move on from Girardi as he is not coming back!!!!

  12. Jerry says:

    I know he's not coming back, but so far I'm not hearing much in the job search. The guy I liked, Brad Ausmus apparently is not interested. Sounds like whoever they hire will be just a puppet.

  13. Jack says:

    Why not wait and see who is the next Yankee manager then everyone can comment all they want

  14. Balt Yank says:

    I think letting Girardi go was the right decision as he did not manage pitching well from my perspective, but I thought it was done abruptly. It could have been done more smoothly. Let him announce it. I see Hicks as a fourth outfielder at best, very streaky, as the playoffs showed. We keep Gardner who could be traded as he's the team leader, a great player and great role player. Judge in LF. Gardner / Ellsbury / Hicks share CF, and Gardner / whomever share LF. This allows us to grow the team slowly and see whom among Frazier, Hicks, McKinney, Cave can really play. We won't be able to trade Ellsbury so why dream. If we can trade him, it will be for a washed-up expense starting pitcher and blocking that spot may be worth the trade.

    • Steve S. says:

      Speaking of trades, just read that they traded Rumbelow to the Mariners for two promising, young minor league arms. First year guys. Age 21 and 17. It frees up a spot on the 40 man. I like Rumbelow, but with what they now have in the pen he was expendable. Good trade. Wouldn't surprise me if something else happens in the next day or two.

  15. Balt Yank says:

    expensive (typo)

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