MLB Postseason Rumors: Alex Cobb favorite to sign with Cubs or Yankees

According to Peter Gammons:

Heading for Thanksgiving, the industry consensus is that the Alex Cobb showdown will come down to Cubs v. Yankees.

Alex Cobb, who will be 30-years-old next season, had a 3.66 ERA and a 113 ERA+ with a 6.4 K/9 and 2.2 BB/9 in 179.1 innings pitched last season. In his career, he has a 3.50 ERA, and a 111 ERA+. He had a 47.8 percent groundball rate in 2017 (19th in MLB among qualified starters), although he used to be more of a groundball pitcher and has a career mark of 54.0 percent. has Cobb ranked as the 11th best free agent this offseason and expects him to land a deal in the four-year and $48 million range. Seems likely to me that he’ll earn at least slightly more than that with a number of teams interested in him including the Baltimore Orioles.

Cobb would add decent depth to the Yankees rotation, but is certainly not a big name you want to see on the mound during a playoff game. This isn’t about going after the best talent on the free agent market because that would be Jake Arrieta. This is about saving money — either by getting a relatively cheaper starting pitcher, or by giving the Yankees some leverage in negotiations with CC Sabathia.

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13 Responses to MLB Postseason Rumors: Alex Cobb favorite to sign with Cubs or Yankees

  1. buckeyeballs says:

    don't see it if they get Otani-will only block montgomery and adams. If no Otani I support it if no CC. Gray, Severino, Tanaka are set. Then Otani or CC or Cobb makes sense leaving the 5th spot for Monty and/or Adams. We also have Sheffield and Acevedo possibly knocking on the door next year and Cessa and Michell still around

    • Steve S. says:

      In my opinion, forget about Cessa and Mitchell. It's been a waste of time for whatever reason. I know Mitchell has had some terrible luck injury wise, but when healthy he hasn't been reliable. Cessa just hasn't been able to find any consistent rhythm. Too many home runs. I hope they don't bury Montgomery and Adams. Montgomery deserves the opportunity to continue to grow and develop. Adams deserves a chance to show what he's got. If Otani comes, I would rather see Montgomery continue to grow as well as Adams get his shot instead of Cobb. I have a feeling they sign CC and in my opinion that's enough. My opinion doesn't count though, lol.

  2. Ron says:

    I guess it's the you never have enough pitching.

    • Terry says:

      That’s exactly what Hal is quoted saying in several media posts. No doubt that Cobb can pitch and is a tremendous competitor. Most, have him to the Cubs and Maddon. I wouldn’t mind at all but not counting on it until it happens. I guess it would boil down to dollars and team preference

      • Jerry says:

        Definitely to the Cubs from what I've read. Not just because of Maddon but the pitching coach Hickey from the Rays is now with the Cubs also. Everything being even that's where he'll most likely end up.

  3. Jerry says:

    And here it is, I think the Yankees are going to hire a woman to be the new manager. They are looking for a maternal type, someone to coddle the players, get to know them and treat them like children. Make sure everything is good, make them feel good about themselves, come to them when they are down. Someone like our moms. I'm thinking Kimberly Jones. Don't be surprised. The Yankees like to be first at everything. And listening to the candidates so far, they sound like good moms.

  4. Steve S. says:

    They made another relatively minor trade. This time with the Marlins. Moved Smith and Cooper to the Marlins for a 22 year old pitcher, Michael King who looks to have some promise. Also got 2017-18 international signing bonus pool money. Freed up 2 more spots on the 40 man. Now have 6 open spots I believe.

    • Jerry says:

      Hadn't heard that one, I liked Cooper, but no place for him. 2 more spots and more money for Ohtani.Thats good.

  5. Jim says:

    There is no reason to sign Cobb. They Yanks have a great shot at Ohtani and a fall back of CC then from within. Cashman specifically mentioned Green and of course Chance Adams is on the way.

  6. Jerry says:

    They are saying once Ohtani is posted, he's to sign with a team within 21 days. So we should know around December 14th, if Ohtani will be a Yankee. An early Christmas present would be nice. There's no doubt the Yankees will put on a full press. Every team actually should, being this is a crazy low price with tons of upside. I'm sure Matsui and Tanaka will be in his ear. Nothing like being a Yankee fan.

  7. Jim says:

    The Yanks are considered the odds on favored currently. Hopefully it come through.

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